How Clientric CRM Consulting turned their expertise in the professional services industry into solutions that cater to unique business needs

About Clientric CRM Consulting

The company helps businesses in professional service industries increase revenue by automating their sales, service, and marketing activities, using a fully customized Zoho CRM solution.

Jumping on the Marketplace bandwagon

With industry knowledge of how various professional services function, Clientric CRM Consulting is able to spot challenges and create solutions that address them. For example, the company has built an extension that connects Zoho CRM with LawPay—a payment gateway designed for law firms—allowing users to create invoices for contacts right from Zoho CRM, without jumping between tools.

Clientric CRM Consulting also has extensions that help CRM users look up addresses on Maps in CRM, search through notes associated with an account, and more. Their extensions are simplifying work for 300+ Zoho users.

Clientric CRM Consulting's experience with Zoho

We asked Kasey Luft, CEO and founder of Clientric CRM Consulting, what his experience has been, end-to-end, with Marketplace. Here's what he had to say.

Listing extensions on Marketplace

Clientric CRM Consulting found listing their extensions on Marketplace a breeze! As they completed each milestone, they were able to have extensions quickly reviewed and gained valuable feedback. The Marketplace team also helped them understand the best path forward with advice all along the way.

"Launching our integrations on Marketplace was really smooth. Once the extension was tested and approved, it was very easy to launch! The team supported us along our journey; without having a knowledgeable team to push us forward and provide advice, this would be exponentially harder."

Partnering with Zoho

Right from the get go, Zoho was extremely enthusiastic about getting the company's integrations listed on Marketplace. Here's what Kasey Luft had to say about the partnership.

"The partnership team has been amazing. Right from our first call, I could tell they were just as excited about what we were building as we were. Having a team to help make introductions and put the power of Zoho behind us to help us build really cool technology is very exciting!!"

Advice to other partners looking to tap into Marketplace's potential

Just start! Simply identify a pain point you see and begin to address it. Do something small, get it launched and out there into the world, follow up with the users who downloaded it, and see how you and the extension can improve. You learn so much by doing as opposed to just thinking!