CallGear and Zoho: How integrating cloud telephony with CRM software results in a synergy

The company

CallGear is a SaaS product and a call management platform. The company provides corporations with cloud-based telephony systems that offer access to real-time customer data, relevant statistics, and dashboards from anywhere in the world. CallGear also offers marketing tools for dynamic call tracking and lead generation.

The challenge

According to George Makarenko, the CEO of CallGear, the company quickly became aware of Zoho's prevalence in the UAE market. Many leads expressed interest in an integration between CallGear and Zoho. "We noticed that creating an integration with Zoho would definitely give us synergy and add value," he said. He also believed the integration would help generate more leads and increase conversion rates.

The solution

Building the integration

CallGear got in touch with Zoho to create a native cloud-based telephony integration with Zoho CRM using PhoneBridge. Makarenko found Zoho's point of contact very helpful and responsive throughout the integration-building process. Through this partnership, the company built a solution that would become the natural telephony platform of choice for every Zoho customer.

"While working with markets of other countries, we understood the value of integrating cloud telephony with a CRM system. The integration would transform a customer's work into a seamless and flexible process. It would help management and operators, as well as provide measurable statistics to build dashboards and make important business decisions."

— George Makarenko, CEO, CallGear

With the integration, customers can build and access end-to-end analytics to identify common deal sources. According to Makarenko, the key factor that sets this integration apart from the rest is that it helps customers to go beyond analyzing leads to analyze the metrics associated with incoming deals.

Functionalities of the integration

Upon downloading the integration from Zoho Marketplace, agents can make calls directly from Zoho CRM. With just a click, an agent can view call history, call statistics, and even access call recordings right from Zoho CRM.

When there is an inbound call from a repeat customer, the customer's details, including call history, pop up on Zoho CRM's interface. This way, agents can personalize their conversations and greet customers by name. In the case of a new caller, a lead card is automatically created in Zoho CRM.

Benefits and ROI

Co-marketing activities

CallGear has had the opportunity to engage in various co-marketing activities with Zoho Marketplace. Through the Launchpad program, CallGear has published multiple posts on Zoho blogs. "Zoho's always been very eager to help us [with] marketing activities," Makarenko said. "They told us when to change something and how to improve on some blogs."


Currently, there are over a hundred active users of this integration and CallGear generated thousands of dollars in revenue and quickly built a loyal user base. The integration has created a positive business impact as it is popular amongst CallGear's customers.

Looking forward

To wrap it up, CallGear shared a few pointers for other partners looking to list their integrations on Zoho Marketplace. "Organization is key," Makarenko said. "Zoho offers a variety of marketing and engagement activities...Pick the most interesting or appealing to your business and get to work." CallGear also advises partners not to shy away from seeking help or advice from the Zoho Marketplace team, as they are very responsive and attentive. The company looks forward to continuing its partnership with Zoho and further developing their product to benefit both CallGear and Zoho users!