How Saboo RKS Motors improved sales productivity with Ozonetel for Zoho CRM

The company

Saboo RKS Motors is an automobile dealer, operating 12 sales and service outlets in and around Hyderabad for two-wheeler and four-wheeler dealerships. With over 1,200 employees, Saboo RKS Motors has been in the automobile industry for 52 years. Since 2019, the company has been using Zoho CRM for its sales and customer services. Satheesh Reddy, Digital Marketing Manager, and Sandeep Kumar, CRM Manager at Saboo RKS Motors, shared the company's experience with the Ozonetel integration for Zoho CRM.

The challenge

Saboo RKS Motors primarily obtained their leads through Google ads. Sales agents got in touch with these leads to initiate a booking and convert them to customers. The company offered customer service throughout a customer's journey and even received feedback at the end, for improvement. A centralised team of over 30 members dealt with sales, support, and quality assurance (QA) for all units across Hyderabad.

One of the main issues they faced was managing the calls that agents handled. Mr. Kumar stated that they were unable to keep track of the number of calls each agent handled as well as the time spent on each call. This hindered the ability to assess agent productivity, customer engagement, and overall call management efficiency. The interactive voice response (IVR) system also experienced functionality issues, resulting in delayed responses and inadequate support.

On the other hand, agents faced connectivity issues while getting in touch with leads and customers. The average handling time (AHT) of a sales call would be two to three minutes, and a call for QA feedback would take about one to two minutes. Additionally, agents wanted a click-to-call feature in the Zoho CRM that could help them connect with prospects and customers right away.

The solution

Integrating Ozonetel with Zoho CRM: The company decided to integrate Ozonetel, an omnichannel, unified CX platform with Zoho CRM. Ozonetel helped in setting up the integration and was very thorough and efficient while doing so. Mr. Reddy and Mr. Kumar were delighted with the hassle-free installation and were satisfied with the demonstration and services offered by Ozonetel.

Integration features: Ozonetel offered numerous features for efficient customer engagement. Agents were able to initiate calls directly from within Zoho CRM.The company could access detailed reports, providing statistics such as call duration and history. The integration with Ozonetel's IVR solution further resulted in faster response time.

"The integration helped us track the performance of our agents and was a breeze for the agents to use as well. We were happy to see that the productivity of the agents had increased significantly."

Satheesh Reddy

Satheesh Reddy, Digital Marketing Manager, Saboo RKS Motors


Upon using the integration, the number of sales calls the agents made increased by almost 50% and bookings increased by 40% within a couple of months. This increase was sustained in the subsequent months, enabling the company to set better sales targets and achieve them with ease.

Qualitatively, the AHT for sales and QA feedback improved significantly. Agents were now able to set up calls seamlessly, allowing them to finish their sales faster by a minute or two. Similarly, agents were able to spend more time obtaining QA feedback because they no longer faced connectivity issues. Overall, the efficiency and productivity of these agents increased with Ozonetel for Zoho CRM.

Looking forward

According to Mr. Reddy, Saboo RKS Motors is planning to expand its regional business across Telangana. He believes the company's journey with Ozonetel and Zoho will help achieve this goal. The company is excited to further modernize their processes with the AI capabilities of the integration soon.