Transforming sales engagement: How NetReputation increased email outreach by four times with Klenty Email Automation for Zoho CRM

The company: NetReputation

Based in Florida, NetReputation operates within the fast-paced and competitive sector of online reputation management. Its primary objective is to provide world-class online reputation management services to clients. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and processes, they assist businesses and individuals to either restore, enhance, or build a positive internet reputation. We spoke with Sergey Boychuk and Valeria Grinberg from NetReputation about how they increased email outreach by four times with Klenty Email Automation for Zoho CRM.

The challenge: Streamlining email communication and enhancing lead engagement

Before the implementation of Klenty Email Automation for Zoho CRM, NetReputation faced several challenges that hindered optimal operations. Primarily, they grappled with their email communication process, which was proving challenging due to limited control by sales representatives over the type and timing of emails sent out. This often led to reduced client engagement and decreased sales conversions.

Moreover, sales representatives often found themselves caught up with administrative tasks such as scheduling follow-up emails manually. This time-consuming activity detracted from their core responsibilities, significantly affecting their overall productivity. Another notable challenge was the lack of an efficient mechanism to track lead activities and email engagement. Consequently, potential sales opportunities were often overlooked or missed entirely.

The solution: Integrating Klenty Email Automation with Zoho CRM

To counter these challenges, NetReputation chose to integrate the Klenty Email Automation extension with their existing Zoho CRM system. This integration provided a multifaceted solution, addressing both communication and productivity issues.

Control over email campaigns: With the Klenty extension, sales reps could swiftly select which email campaign to send with a simple click. Additionally, creating and controlling new email campaigns became an effortless task. They were able to add leads from Zoho CRM directly into the chosen campaign, speeding up the entire process.

Tracking lead activities: The integration enabled NetReputation to track and understand leads' engagement levels. For instance, when a lead reads an email multiple times, a task gets created within Klenty, alerting the lead owner in Zoho CRM.

Custom views and re-engagement: The company used the integration to create custom views. These views automatically imported older records into a campaign for re-engagement. This strategy reignited interest from previously cold leads, leading to increased sales conversions.

ROI and benefits: A quantum leap in efficiency and productivity

Following the integration, NetReputation saw a marked improvement in overall efficiency and productivity.

"We were able to get our overall emails sent by users from 30-40 a day to about 150. This surge increased our connection rate and positively affected our overall sales."

Valeria Grinberg

Valeria Grinberg, Marketing Coordinator, NetReputation

Sales representatives no longer had to schedule tasks for custom emails manually. Instead, they could focus on more important, value-added activities such as direct communication with potential clients.

The benefits were not only internal. Customers also experienced enhanced engagement, courtesy of Klenty's personalized email campaigns and follow-up sequences. These ensured that NetReputation stayed in constant touch with customers, providing a superior overall customer experience.

Looking forward: Leveraging integration for continuous improvement

NetReputation continues to maximize the potential of the Klenty integration for Zoho CRM. They have seen a four-time increase in their email outreach efforts since the implementation of the integration. Their focus remains on leveraging technology to provide better customer engagement, enhance efficiency, and provide better reputation management services.