How Midrag improved productivity and transformed operations using the VoiceSpin-Zoho CRM integration

About the company

Midrag is one of Israel's largest marketplaces, connecting customers with professionals, including plumbers, electricians, lawyers, dentists, and more. As part of their business operations, Midrag began using an integration that links Zoho CRM and VoiceSpin , a cloud telephony system, for sales and service purposes.

The problem, solution, and implementation

To enable seamless operations, Midrag sought an integration between Zoho CRM and VoiceSpin, to enhance communication processes, streamline operations, and boost productivity.

VoiceSpin took the lead in implementing the integration, and Midrag provided necessary access and user permissions. The setup was smooth and required minimal effort from Midrag's end.

VoiceSpin integrated their web-based phone bridge solution with Zoho CRM, allowing users to make and receive calls directly within Zoho CRM. Additionally, VoiceSpin helped embed real-time call monitoring widgets into Zoho CRM for managers, enabling them to access crucial call data on their home dashboard.


The integration of Zoho CRM and VoiceSpin yielded significant benefits for Midrag.

Enhanced productivity: Agents saved time by avoiding manual tasks like copy-pasting numbers for outbound calls. The integration streamlined communication processes, resulting in increased productivity. Approximately 15-20% improvement in agent productivity was observed.

Better customer service: With click-to-call capabilities and easy access to customer details within Zoho CRM, agents could provide more efficient and personalized contextual customer support, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Improved user experience: The integration created a seamless and unified system for agents and managers, reducing the need to switch between multiple applications as they were able to work from the Zoho CRM interface.

Real-time data access: Managers gained real-time access to call data and performance metrics through embedded widgets. This facilitated quick decision-making and allowed for proactive adjustments.

Here's what Eli, Chief Business Development Officer from Midrag had to say.

"The integration makes the life of both agents and managers much easier. It saves us a lot of time, with at least 15-20% improvement in productivity.""


Eli, Chief Business Development Officer, Midrag


The successful integration of Zoho CRM and VoiceSpin significantly improved Midrag's operations and their own user experience. By streamlining communication processes, increasing productivity, and providing real-time insights, the integration enabled Midrag to also serve its customers and professionals better.