GTI transforms sales strategies by integrating Zoho CRM Plus with Klenty

Discover how GTI, a student-focused CareerTech organisation, streamlines lead nurturing and sales outreach, and ensures consistent lead follow-ups with the help of the Klenty integration for Zoho CRM Plus.

The Company:

GTI, a UK-based organization specializing in early careers, operates as a complex organization with multiple brands under its umbrella. GTI is dedicated to helping students realize their potential by offering a wide range of B2B and B2C services. These services include market research, recruitment outsourcing, and visa sponsorship for interns, providing students with valuable opportunities to kickstart their professional lives. We spoke with Gemma Woods and Nick King from GTI about how the integration between Klenty and Zoho revolutionized their workflows, increased productivity, and improved their end-user experience.

The Challenge:

With around 150 employees, GTI's sales team found it increasingly difficult to efficiently manage the hundreds of leads generated each week, leading to a risk of leads being forgotten or overlooked. Account managers were burdened with the time-consuming task of individually researching prospects, finding their email addresses, and contacting them. This inefficient process hampered GTI's ability to convert leads into customers and limited the sales team's capacity to focus on more strategic sales initiatives.

The Solution:

"The integration [between] Zoho CRM Plus and Klenty has enabled us to create tailored cadences for cold outreach and follow-ups, ensuring targeted and relevant communication for each lead. This seamless process has been a game changer in managing our high volume of leads and streamlining our sales workflow."

Nick King

Nick King, Marketing Automation Specialist, GTI

To address these challenges, GTI decided to integrate Zoho CRM Plus with Klenty Email Automation, tapping into a powerful combination that would streamline their lead nurturing and sales process. The integration enabled GTI to create tailored cadences for cold outreach and follow-ups, ensuring leads received targeted and relevant communication. By automatically syncing custom lead views from Zoho CRM with Klenty, the sales team could focus on nurturing priority leads while Klenty automated the outreach and follow-up processes.

This integration not only reduced the risk of leads being overlooked, but also allowed GTI to send personalized emails that didn't resemble mass marketing communications. This significantly improved their outreach efforts and overall sales process.

Benefits and ROI:

"Integrating Zoho CRM Plus and Klenty has boosted our sales efficiency and enhanced lead nurturing, enabling us to grow our business and better serve clients in the competitive early careers sector."

Nick King

Nick King, Marketing Automation Specialist, GTI

The integration between Zoho CRM Plus and Klenty has resulted in several key benefits for GTI:

  1. Increased efficiency: Now, GTI can manage a high volume of leads more efficiently, freeing up account managers to concentrate on high-value tasks, such as nurturing relationships with potential clients and closing deals. This has led to an estimated 80% increase in outreach efforts.
  2. Improved lead nurturing: With automated outreach and follow-ups, leads now receive consistent communication, increasing the chances of conversion. The seamless workflows and automated syncing of leads and opt-outs have also contributed to increased productivity and efficiency.
  3. Tailored cadences: GTI can now create customized cadences for different lead sources, ensuring targeted and relevant communication for each lead. This has resulted in a more streamlined sales process, increased brand awareness, and a better organization-wide understanding of GTI's customers and pipeline.
  4. Seamless Lead Management: GTI has streamlined its lead management process, leading to better collaboration between marketing and sales teams and improving org-wide access to necessary information. Enhanced collaboration has led to overall business improvements.

Looking Forward:

As GTI continues to grow and evolve, the company aims to explore additional features and integrations that can further enhance lead nurturing, streamline sales processes, and improve overall business efficiency.