Optimizing business performance: How Freedom Law Firm boosted productivity with Time Tracker and Zoho CRM

The company: About Freedom Law Firm

Freedom Law Firm is a bankruptcy and litigation law firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada that primarily handles bankruptcy cases and has recently expanded its area of practice into mass arbitrations and class action lawsuits. The company has been in business since 2005, and currently has 16 employees, including two contractors. In 2020, the firm rebranded just before the pandemic. One of its managers, Shelby Harmer, played a crucial role in getting the company's case management software, Zoho CRM, up and running.

The challenge

Before implementing Zoho CRM, the firm was using an outdated case management software that was very slow and lacked the necessary functionality. The previous software could not be accessed on mobile devices, which made it difficult for team members to work from home or on the go. As a result, the teams' productivity was low. It was also challenging to keep track of client communications and deadlines. They are now using Zoho CRM integrated with the Time Tracker extension.

The solution: Freedom Law Firm's introduction to Zoho

Their most extensively used Zoho app is Zoho CRM, which has become their case management software. All client case records are housed in Zoho CRM, which is customized to accommodate the law firm's workflow. Since switching to Zoho CRM, they have been able to increase productivity and tackle more cases in a day. All team members can access Zoho CRM from their mobile devices, which has made it easier to communicate and work remotely.

Time Tracker for Zoho CRM

They further integrated Zoho CRM with the Time Tracker extension to simplify their workflows. The implementation of Time Tracker in Zoho CRM is quite straightforward. With this integration, they can track the time spent on each case and bill clients accurately for the services provided. Time Tracker helps them streamline their invoicing process, ensure that they are not underbilling or overbilling clients, and get a better understanding of how much time is being spent on each case.

Benefits and ROI

"The Time Tracker extension from Clientric has been a valuable tool for us. It has been easy to set up and use and has provided us with the data we need to accurately bill our clients. It has helped our team members better manage our time and has made it easier for us to identify areas where we can improve efficiency."

Shelby Harmer

Shelby Harmer, Bankruptcy Manager, Freedom Law Firm

  • Accurate time tracking: By using a time tracker with Zoho CRM, the firm can ensure that they are tracking the time spent on each client and project accurately. This has helped them make better decisions about how to allocate their time and resources in the future.
  • Improved efficiency: By tracking time and activities, they can identify areas where they are spending too much time or not enough time. This has helped them optimize workflows and become more efficient.
  • Better collaboration: The time tracker has helped everyone stay on the same page and ensure that everyone is contributing equally. It can also help delegate tasks and ensure everyone is working together towards the same goals.
  • More accurate invoicing: When clients are billed based on hourly rates, a time tracker can help ensure the firm is billing accurately for the time spent on each project. This can help avoid underbilling or overbilling clients.
  • Better project management: By tracking time and activities, the law firm can identify areas where they are falling behind or need to make adjustments to meet project goals. This has helped them stay on track and complete projects on time and within budget.

The Time Tracker for Zoho CRM turned out to be an indispensable solution for Freedom Law Firm and helped them improve their productivity, efficiency, and project management capabilities. Using accurate data on the time spent on various tasks, it helped them make informed decisions and optimize their processes to achieve better results.