Revamping business operations: Architectural Iron designs' journey with Sage 100 SYNC

The Company:

Architectural Iron Designs, Inc., located in New Jersey, USA, operates within the construction industry. As a nationwide supplier of ornamental and architectural metals, gate hardware, and metal finishes, it is a recognized name in the sector. With a rich experience of 29 years in the business, the company employs 11 members, out of which seven regularly use the Commercient SYNC with Zoho CRM integration.

The Challenge:

Before integrating with Sage 100 SYNC by Commercient for Zoho CRM, Architectural Iron Designs faced several operational hurdles. They had been using Sage ERP independently and were struggling to share ERP data with Zoho CRM. The primary challenge was to make crucial ERP data accessible within their CRM to enable informed and educated decision-making. The company's operations were primarily manual, including creating quotations, keeping track of leads from various channels, managing customer interactions, and handling invoicing through Sage ERP. This disjointed and fragmented process led to inefficiencies and difficulties in promptly accessing vital information.

The Solution:

The Sage 100 SYNC by Commercient for Zoho CRM was implemented to bridge the gap between the Sage ERP tool and Zoho CRM. This integration enabled the team to push all of their sales and customer data into Zoho CRM, regardless of the sales channel source—website, phone, or walk-in traffic.

The integration also improved their quotation process significantly. The company was able to leverage Zoho's capabilities to send better quality quotations (thanks to the format and data field options available through Zoho), streamline email communication, and track follow-ups efficiently. The integrated system empowered the team to operate from a single platform, enhancing their efficiency and user experience.

"The quotation process is the biggest place where we've improvised on the daily customer interaction. All sales data, regardless of its source, eventually gets pushed into Zoho CRM through the Commercient SYNC with ease."

Jay Shah

Jay Shah, President of Architectural Iron Designs

Benefits and ROI:

The Sage 100 SYNC by Commercient for Zoho CRM integration significantly enhanced Architectural Iron Designs' operational efficiency and effectiveness.

"The SYNC integration has become an essential part of our operations. It not only saves us significant time and effort, but also ensures we always have the most accurate data at our disposal. The efficiency of quoting has improved by at least 25% to 30%, and the internal collaboration within the sales team has improved by at least 25%."

Jay Shah

Jay Shah, President of Architectural Iron Designs

  1. Optimized business processes: By integrating Sage 100 SYNC with Zoho CRM, Architectural Iron Designs has streamlined their operations. This efficiency enables their team to focus on core business tasks, driving productivity and eliminating redundant processes.
  2. Enhanced customer service: The company now boasts customer service that's second to none in their industry. This is largely thanks to the streamlined processes of Sage 100 SYNC, which provide immediate access to real-time customer information.
  3. Improved sales tracking: Improved sales tracking: Sage 100 SYNC's robust reporting features have boosted the effectiveness of sales tracking, aiding the firm in identifying successful strategies and areas of improvement. This functionality supports better decision-making, optimizing sales performance.
  4. Increased profit margins: By reducing overhead costs, streamlining processes, and enhancing customer satisfaction, Architectural Iron Designs has seen an overall increase in profit margins. This exemplifies the transformative impact of integrating Sage 100 SYNC with Zoho CRM.

The way forward

Looking to the future, Architectural Iron Designs is eager to continue leveraging the capabilities of the Sage 100 SYNC by Commercient for Zoho CRM. Jay Shah, the president of the company, highlighted the company's journey by saying, "We have just started using it. We have a long way to go to fully unleash the full power of what Zoho can do for us."

With the evident success of the integration, the company plans to explore more features and functionalities that can further enhance their business operations and customer interactions.