Abhinav Immigration Services gained a new customer acquisition channel and increased leads by integrating Zoho One and WhatsApp

About the customer

In business for over 27 years, Abhinav Immigration Services is an immigration visa consultancy and global relocation company. They provide the entire gamut of immigration services for more than 15 countries, with 50+ visa options, including skilled, entrepreneurial, and investor immigration. Based in India, they operate from seven cities.

They've been using Zoho One for more than three years. They had previously used Salesforce and Act! CRM before migrating to Zoho One.

"WhatsApp plays a pivotal role for client communication these days. We used to miss out on all such communications before, and it was kind of a showstopper to view the overall client communications. For sure we were in dire need of a solution that would overcome this limitation. This is where the EasyToCheck team came in handy, with provisioning as a solution by creating a WhatsApp extension for our account. One of the best parts is that I can enable or disable WhatsApp channels for any of my users in less than a minute."

Customer challenge

Like most companies at the time, Abhinav Immigration dealt with their clients through multiple mediums, such as email, SMS, and phone, leading to no central track of communications with its clients, who had to rely on emails for sharing documents and communicating. They were in dire need of a solution that would overcome this limitation and remove the friction points in their customer journey.

Solution offered

Solution offered

Once the customer identified the friction points along the customer journey, they started looking out for new ways to reach out to customers as part of their customer experience efforts, and WhatsApp Business appeared to be the perfect solution, even better than SMS. This is not just because they would be able to reach clients on mobile, where they are most responsive, but also because, unlike on most messaging apps, WhatsApp enables two-way communication and can be used to share files, such as visa forms and personal documents that SMS messaging can’t. Moreover, content on WhatsApp is not limited to 160 characters, as on SMS.

A Zoho Marketplace partner, EasyToCheck Software Solutions, helped the customer by setting up their integrated WhatsApp extension within three weeks. Now, when the business receives a WhatsApp message/inquiry, the integration will automatically search for the mobile number in the Leads and Contacts module of Zoho CRM, and if no match is found, it'll create a new lead automatically in Zoho CRM. The extension also enables Zoho users to send WhatsApp messages from CRM, and facilitates users to perform the following tasks using WhatsApp:

  • Send instant or bulk WhatsApp messages to customers.
  • Share forms and other related documents in various file formats. Upload and send files directly from the local machine to WhatsApp, as well as receive client documents, like visa forms, passports, and more, using WhatsApp.
  • Send scheduled WhatsApp messages to customers, like birthday greetings and invoice or agreement reminders.
  • Get notified instantly inside Zoho CRM for any incoming WhatsApp message.
  • Have a log of all WhatsApp messages for a given customer.
  • Configure Zoho CRM workflows for automated messaging.


Through the integration, Abhinav Immigration gained a new channel for customer communications and lead acquisition. By enabling prospects to easily contact them on WhatsApp, they saw an increase in the number of leads being generated. Moreover, the company has automated the repetitive work of processing new customer contacts. No, when a prospect sends a WhatsApp message, they don't have to save the contacts and manually respond to welcome them—Zoho CRM does it for them. Abhinav Immigration saw improved customer engagement and were able to provide more transparency to customers about the stage of their documentation/visa process.

  • WhatsApp has become the #1 preferred communication channel by their customers
  • 9 out of 10 customer conversations are now enabled by this integration

Through this integration, Abhinav Immigration was able to remove friction points along the customer journey, and even streamline and scale its sales process across 7 locations. Right on WhatsApp, the clients were not only getting their questions answered, but also receiving their visas and getting their documentation processed. As a result, back-and-forth emails and customer support inquiries were significantly reduced.

The integration offered a 1:1 messaging channel with multimedia capabilities and automation, all of which could be done within Zoho CRM. A good chunk of client communications now happens quite smoothly through WhatsApp.