Zoho bets on a unified approach to marketing with its Marketing Plus launch

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Marketing leaders at enterprise and mid-market organizations are racing to deliver a customer experience that helps them stand out in a crowded, experientially-driven market. They need to authentically engage with prospective customers as they progress through the marketing and buying journey—and they must do it whenever and however those prospective customers want.

However, delivering this unified experience is challenging for marketing executives because they must bring together a vast and complex collection of marketing functions and capabilities to do so—and be prepared to rapidly adapt in a unified manner as customer expectations shift.

In this report, Charles Araujo, Publisher & Principal Analyst of The Digital Experience Report, evaluates Zoho’s suite of marketing tools—Marketing Plus.

Key highlights of his research include the following:

  • The growing importance of the customer experience in marketing
  • A breakdown of core marketing functions
  • Zoho’s bet on a unified and integrated approach
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