Marketing Plus for marketing teams



A marketing team might consist of various roles such as a product marketing manager, product marketers, SEO specialists, social media manager, content creators, web developers, and so on. In this video, you'll learn all about how a marketing team can use Zoho Marketing Plus to manage all their marketing activities.


  • Assigning marketing activities

    The product marketing manager is responsible for creating different marketing activities and assigning them to the appropriate DRIs within the team. In Zoho Marketing Plus, you can create a project and start assigning different activities to specific users. You can also assign tasks and monitor the status of all the marketing activities.

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  • Collaborating with the team

    Resources and Brand Assets in Zoho Marketing Plus lets you manage all the marketing collaterals that are required for your marketing projects and your brand. You can create various documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, and upload files from your local device or cloud storage. They can be accessed by the members of your team and can be shared with external members if required. You also have the Discussions tab where you can create a post to discuss with your team, ask their suggestions, or even make an announcement.

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