Overview of Zoho Marketing Plus



An introduction to Zoho Marketing Plus: A unified marketing platform built for marketing teams. Marketing Plus helps teams of all sizes manage their marketing projects, including sending email campaigns, posting on social media channels, managing and executing marketing campaigns, sending out surveys, sending webinar invitations, creating events, and much more, all in a single place.


  • Manage your brands

    Brands in Zoho Marketing Plus can be used to represent your business as a whole and its individual departments. You can manage all the marketing projects and activities related to each brand in our Brand Studio.

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  • Plan your marketing campaigns

    Create marketing projects in the Brand Studio in Marketing Plus. You can specify the objective of the project, its type, assign an owner, and set a launch date and location.

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  • Create marketing activities

    Each marketing project is made up of activities and tasks performed by various users in your organization. Activities include email campaigns, social media posts, surveys, webinars, events, A/B testing a website, writing blogs, and more.

    You can view a timeline of all your scheduled marketing activities, create and manage tasks, and collaborate with your team. But that's not all, you can also generate detailed statistics on your website activity, use the Social Monitor to manage website visitor posts and social media interactions, and add dashboards to show data from your CRM.

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