Study lead interactions and improve conversions

Make better business decisions by identifying, analyzing, and refining your touchpoints throughout your customers' journey. With touchpoint analysis, everything you invest in advertising can pay off. Adopt it for your business, improve ROI, and become a better marketer.


Track your touchpoints. Drive traffic to your website.

Your visitors come to your website via many sources, and all of these function as touchpoints. Analyze your touchpoints to understand where leads come from, which source acted as their conversion point, how many touches it takes them to convert, and much more.

Track your touchpoints. Drive traffic to your website.
Know your sources. Invest wisely

Know your sources. Invest wisely.

While there are many known sources that bring visitors to your website, there are other sources to be considered yet. With touchpoint analysis, learn which sources work the best, revise strategies for the ones that drive traffic, and remove the ones that are underperforming.

Convert your visitors into leads.

Getting conversions is as important as driving traffic to your website. Identify the sources that bring in the most traffic, and to which pages. As your webpages are also touches, refining them to act as conversion points—like sign-up forms—can take your business forward.

Convert your visitors into leads
Gain insights on source performance

Gain insights on source performance.

Zoho MarketingHub gives you a detailed report on the number of visits and conversions each source gets. With this data, you can do a comparative analysis to see which touchpoint has more conversions, and which ones need improvement.

Marketing automation software that delivers results.

Marketing automation software that delivers results.

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