Zoho MarketingHub integrates with different services to help you make the most out of your marketing activities. Import your content, images, lead information and more from any application and make your work easier, with our simple and quick integrations.

    Zoho Apps

    • Zoho Commerce

      Connect your Zoho Commerce e-store with Zoho MarketingHub to track your leads' purchase orders and follow up with them using customized journeys.

    • Zoho CRM Logo

      Associate your CRM account with Zoho MarketingHub to bring leads, nurture and convert them into customers.

    • online event management

      Create, manage, and run promotional campaigns for your Zoho Backstage events.

    • Get your candidates details into Zoho MarketingHub and design an interview process flow for them.

    • With this integration, you can bring leads from applications you have in Creator and design an engagement plan for them.

    • Zoho Contacts Logo

      Add leads that you have collected in Zoho Contacts into MarketingHub and design a nurture series for them.

    • Zoho Survey Logo

      With this integration, you can create and run different types of surveys from MarketingHub.

    • Zoho Forms

      Collect more details about your leads by integrating your Zoho MarketingHub account with Zoho Forms.

    • Zoho Meeting Logo

      Integrate Zoho Meeting with Zoho MarketingHub to create webinars, track them and bring in more leads into the system

    • Zoho Invoice Logo

      This integration lets you bring your vendor/customer details into the system and trigger automated payment reminders, invoice, receipt, and credit note copies.

    • Zoho Books Logo

      Get your customer/vendor/supplier details and follow up with them.

    • Zoho Docs Logo

      Bring content and images you have stored in Zoho Docs account to quickly create a campaign in Zoho MarketingHub.

    • Zoho Analytics

      Get more insights about your lead growth and campaign performances.

    • Zoho Sites

      With this integration, you can configure your website, built using Zoho Sites, with Zoho MarketingHub and track visitor behavior.

    Social Media Apps

    • Facebook Logo

      Add lead-generation forms to your Facebook page, automate your promotions, and bring the leads generated to MarketingHub for more engagement.

    • Twitter Logo

      Schedule your Twitter posts and get insights about the performance of your promotions.

    • Tumblr Logo

      Integrate with Tumblr and share your campaigns with your fans and followers.

    • LinkedIn Logo

      Post your campaigns on LinkedIn, know their reach from your Zoho MarketingHub account.

    Google Apps

    • Google Logo

      Get all your desired data from Google photos, Google Drive, Google contacts, and Google Analytics, through this quick and simple integration.

    • Google Drive Logo

      Get your contacts, content, and attachments from Google Drive stored in MarketingHub so you can quickly access them from the application.

    • Google Photos Logo

      Bring in images from your Google Photos account to MarketingHub so you can access them anytime without having to switch between applications.

    Image Hosting Sites

    • Flickr

      Import your Flickr images to Zoho MarketingHub and boost your engagement by using them in your emails.

    • Giphy

      Make your emails look impressive by using images you have imported from your Giphy account to MarketingHub.

    • Bigstock

      Bring in images from your Bigstock account to MarketingHub and use them in your nurturing emails to improve engagement.

    • Unsplash

      Import the desired images from Unsplash into your Zoho MarketingHub's library and use them while creating emails.

    Messaging Apps

    • Twilio

      Integrate your Twilio account to Zoho MarketingHub to keep your leads engaged with instant text messages. 

    • Message media

      Set up text-based SMS campaigns for all the leads you bring in from Message Media.

    • Click a tell

      Send quick text messages to your leads by syncing their information from your Clickatell account.

    • SMS-Magic

      Connect your SMS-Magic account with Zoho MarketingHub and communicate with your leads through quick messages.

    • Bulk SMS

      Sync your lead details stored in Bulk SMS with Zoho MarketingHub and send them promotional messages.

    • MessageBird

      Engage your leads with SMS campaigns by integrating your MessageBird account to Zoho MaketingHub.

    CRM Applications

    • CRM software

      Sync leads from your Salesforce account and move the engaged leads back into the CRM system after every engagement.

    • SugarCRM software

      Sync leads from your SugarCRM account and move the engaged leads back into the CRM system after every engagement.

    Cloud Storage Services

    • Dropbox

      Bring in leads from your DropBox account to Zoho MarketingHub and plan an engagement series for them.

    • Evernote

      Import your Evernote contacts and attachments to MarketingHub and use them for your marketing purposes.

    • One drive

      Import your contacts, and other files to Zoho MarketingHub and plan your marketing activities with them.

    • Box

      Integrate with your Box account and reduce the hassel by importing your contacts and frequently used files to MarketingHub.

    Other Third Party Apps

    • Zendesk

      Sync your verified and unverified contacts from Zendesk into Zoho MarketingHub before you start engaging them.

    • Eventbrite

      Integrate with Eventbrite, bring in leads that are interested in your events, and start engaging with them.

    • Survey Monkey

      Integrate with SurveyMonkey, send surveys to your leads and customers as you take your business forward.

    • Shopify

      Drive more sales by keeping leads informed about your online store offerings. Convert one-time purchasers to loyal customers.

    • Office 365

      With this integration, you can pull your Office 365 contacts to MarketingHub and also push your campaign details to your Office 365 calendar.

    • Gotowebinar

      Nurture your webinar leads by bringing them into MarketingHub and creating a personalized engagement experience for each of them.

    • Gravatar

      Sync your Zoho MarketingHub with Gravatar so your leads will have a profile image they use globally with every other brand.

    • Paypal

      Integrate with your PayPal account and import the customers who have made their purchase payments with you via PayPal.

    • Wistia

      With this integration, you can import your videos from Wistia to Zoho MarketingHub and use them in your email campaigns to create an engaging experience.