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Maximize your marketing impact with Zoho Marketing Automation, which is equipped with dynamic email templates, captivating landing pages, a marketing planner, journey path tracing, streamlined account management and much more. Generate sales-ready leads to stay ahead of the competition.

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Features Comparison

  • Pricing  

    Plans (*for 10,000 contacts)

     /month billed annually

    $1500 /month billed annually

  • Design  

    Email templates

    Custom-coded templates

    Available only in premium plans

  • Automation  

    Split testing Available only in premium plans
    Journey X-rays  
  • Campaign management  

    Budget planning  
  • Lead generation  

    Landing pages  
  • Website behavior tracking  

    Smart URLs 

    With paid integration


    With paid integration

    Lead attribution dashboard  
  • User Management  

  • Cross channel marketing  

    SMS own gateway  

How does Zoho Marketing Automation stack up to Salesforce?


Journey Xrays

With Journey Xrays, businesses can track the most- and least-traveled paths within their customer journeys to help optimize marketing strategies. They enable marketers to address and refine their strategies for more effective customer journeys.


Website analytics

Set specific goals for your website. With our smart URL feature, you can gain valuable insights into user interactions and campaign performance with tracking and analytics.


Budget planning

Determined to help the entire business end to end, Zoho Marketing Automation includes tools for budget planning to allocate resources effectively across various marketing channels. Businesses can ensure that marketing initiatives align with overall financial goals.


ROI tracking

With its strong ROI-tracking capabilities, Marketing Automation enables marketers to gauge the ROI their campaigns generate with precision. This functionality is invaluable for evaluating the effectiveness of marketing endeavors and enhancing future strategies.


Advanced landing pages

Create and optimize landing pages to capture leads, enhance conversion rates, and deliver a seamless user experience.


Lead segmentation

Leverage the power of Marketing Automation's advanced lead segmentation capabilities. With over 260 computed fields, you can segment your leads to target specific audience segments and delivering more personalized and relevant content.

Why Zoho Marketing Automation?

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  • ArrowOrganize all marketing efforts with a single calendar to optimize planning and monitor high-performing campaigns.
  • ArrowAs the dedicated guardians of your data, Zoho ensures its security and privacy within our own databases.
  • ArrowWe comply with stringent data protection regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA, to guarantee your data’s integrity.
  • ArrowGet affordable marketing automation solutions without compromising on features or quality.
  • ArrowCount on our expert support teams for personalized assistance at every stage, ensuring you make the most of our platform.

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“We had issues with managing and monitoring our business. Zoho Marketing Automation really helped us to streamline and progress further. Zoho Marketing Automation, all in one!”


Arun Narasimhan Partner - Super Enterprises

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