Web behavior tracking

See what your leads do when they come to your website, from pages they read to content they download. Track your leads' website behavior to understand their preferences. This way, you can optimize your website and ensure that it caters to your visitors' needs effectively.

Web behavior tracking

In-app tracking

Make your user experience smoother by getting to know how a user travels inside your product, the features they use, how they move from one feature to another, and how much time they spend on a specific page. This will help you develop context-based suggestions for your users and keep them more engaged with your product.

In-app tracking In-app tracking

Every touchpoint matters

Identify the key points of interaction with your brand through touchpoints. Determine if your leads come from online ads, physical banners, email, or your website to help you decide where to invest more. Analyze your touchpoints to understand which source acts as their conversion point, how many touches it takes them to convert, and much more.

Every touchpoint matters

Target your audience better

Divide your audience into relevant segments based on demography, geography, and behavior to focus on a niche and engage with them more effectively. Gather more context about your leads and contacts and stay relevant.

Every touchpoint matters Every touchpoint matters

Target the right audience at the right time

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