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If you want to elevate your marketing game, look no further! Zoho Marketing Automation is equipped with robust features like dynamic email templates, captivating landing pages, seamless workflow automation, streamlined account management, and 24/7 dedicated customer support—all bundled at a wallet-friendly price.

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Features Comparison

  • Pricing  

    Plans (*for 1000 contacts)

     /month billed annually

    $49/month billed annually

  • Design  

    Email templates 

    Basic templates

  • Lead generation  

    Landing pages 

    Not available in basic plans

  • Automation  


    Lacks path tracing

    SMS automation  
    Split testing 

    Not available in basic plans

  • Campaign management  

    ROl tracking  

    With paid integration


    Requires third-party apps integration

    Email testing 

    Limited in basic plans

  • User Management  

  • Website Behaviour Tracking  

    Smart URL  

What sets Zoho Marketing Automation apart?


Acquisition dashboard

Gain insights into your leads' performance and optimize your marketing strategies to achieve more conversions. Get insights on their geographic location, source/medium, and channel, all without external third-party integrations.


Email templates with advanced configurations

Elevate your email marketing game with our feature-rich templates and advanced configurations like email scheduling, A/B testing, and follow-up actions. Design captivating and highly personalized emails that attract your audience to ensure every communication is an engagement opportunity.


Website analytics

Set action-based goals to track results with time-based reports, or define a custom event to segment leads based on their behavior and deliver personalized experiences. Use the Smart URL feature, which has a built-in link shortener.



Automate your redundant marketing tasks, drive personalized interactions with your prospects, and track the most and least conversion-generating journey paths with Journey X-rays.


Marketing planner

Plan, budget, and track all your marketing efforts. Gain a comprehensive overview of your marketing activities, including budget allocation and campaign planning. Monitor performance metrics such as ROI and contacts generated.


Landing pages

Create landing pages with our simple drag-and-drop builder and access detailed reports on page stats, heat maps, form data, contacts, configuration, and response actions.

Why Zoho Marketing Automation?

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  • ArrowOrganize all marketing efforts with a single calendar to optimize planning and monitor high-performing campaigns.
  • ArrowAs the dedicated guardians of your data, Zoho ensures its security and privacy within our own databases.
  • ArrowWe comply with stringent data protection regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA, to guarantee your data’s integrity.
  • ArrowGet affordable marketing automation solutions without compromising on features or quality.
  • ArrowCount on our expert support teams for personalized assistance at every stage, ensuring you make the most of our platform.

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What our customers say

“We had issues with managing and monitoring our business. Zoho Marketing Automation really helped us to streamline and progress further. Zoho Marketing Automation, all in one!”


Arun Narasimhan Partner - Super Enterprises

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