Universal Email API for your application

Mail360 is an email API platform that gives your application full email capabilities without having to build it yourself. Whether you connect to a mailbox hosted with a different email provider or host your user's inbox with us, a single email API can power your application's email workflow.

Mail360 powers the email workflows in

  • CRM
  • Desk
  • Bigin
  • SDP Cloud
  • TeamInbox

and 55+ other Zoho applications

Build vs Buy:Why Zoho Mail360?

Why spend hundreds of engineering hours building it, when you can get all the email capabilities you need on one platform? Here's how Mail360 can help:

  • Single point of connection for email sync
  • Save development hours and resources
  • Stay ahead of your launch schedule with a lighter development load
  • Reduce recurring maintenance costs
  • Maintenance of one platform with the benefits of many
Build vs Buy: Why Zoho Mail360?

Smooth integration with any inbox in just a few steps

  • 1.Ready:

    Sign up for Mail360 and access your email API key to get started.

  • 2.Set:

    Use your email API key to create an integration between Mail360 and your application.

  • 3.Go:

    With your integration in place, connect your application to your user's email accounts or host your mailboxes to power your email workflow.

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Creators of Zoho Mail

Mail360 is a feature-rich email API platform that lets you create email workflows within your application.

Universal email API

Experience secure and reliable two-way email sync with multiple email providers in real time. Sync, send, and receive emails from anywhere with just a single email API set. Universal email API that lets you build email workflows for your application, however you see fit.

Mailbox hosting

Go beyond simply connecting your application to other email providers. Host your application's mailbox and integrate it with your workflow without depending on other email providers.

Full capabilities

Mail360 provides complete create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) support for messages, drafts, folders, and labels.

Monitoring and debugging

You get API, webhooks, sync, and message-level logs for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Email deliverability

Enjoy reliable deliverability and inbox placement for mailboxes hosted with Mail360 using domain authentication mechanisms like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Real-time notifications

You can configure webhooks to receive instant notifications about mailbox events.

User management

With Mail360, you can provide access to other developers working on your application, so you can monitor and manage the application within Mail360.


With cutting-edge practices in data center security, data encryption, email security, and compliance, you have full control over your data and privacy. Keeping in line with Zoho's privacy stand, Mail360 takes a security-first approach.

Security-first Approach

ExtensiveTechnical Support

Developing an application isn't easy. We can make it easier by providing you constant and extensive technical support during your development and testing phase.

Extensive technical support

Universal Email API:

The quickest and easiest way to create your application's email workflow

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