Zoho Writer - Online Word Processor

Zoho Writer is the online word processor / editor in Zoho Docs. Designed to completely replace desktop office software, this online rich text editor is packed with all the power features necessary to create and edit professional text documents.

Powerful Editor

Designed to completely replace your bloated desktop software, this online editor sports all the rich formatting features a user needs to create crisp documents. Change the case of a block of text, create links, bookmarks, insert images, tables, symbols, quotes; it's got it all.

Real Time Editing

Experience the charm of collaborating in real time with your colleagues while preparing documents. It's makes writing more fun as you watch the different color coded cursors simultaneously bringing your write up to shape.

Contextual Comments

There cannot be a simpler way to review a document than to be able to mark and insert comments right then and there. Besides, contextual commenting also makes it easy for the author to understand the perspective of a proof reader.

Inline Spell Check

Detect and correct spelling errors easily with spell check available for 75 different languages. Be it English, French or Swahili, keep words intact.

Format Painter Tool

Copy and paste the formatting applied to a section of text to another section using the paint format tool. Make your documents look neat and consistent in such a way that even a glance can create an impression.

Equation Editor

We realize the importance of equations in the life of students, engineers, scientists and such distinguished users. That's why we designed an equation editor instead of a light weight equation feature to make the process of filling in complicated mathematics, simple.

Offline Editing

No internet, no problem. Turn on the 'offline mode' in Zoho Writer to view and edit documents even when you are offline. The contents will be synced automatically when you go online again. But isn't this an online editor, you wonder? It does require a little set up when you are online.

Custom Styles

Allows setting of default font, font size and other style option to be used with all documents. Allows Creation of Style Set for future use is to pick an existing one, tweak it to your liking, then save it under a new name.