Zoho Show - Online Presentation Application

Zoho Show is the online slide show maker / editor in Zoho Docs. Designed to completely replace desktop office software, this online presentation editor is packed with all the power features necessary to create and edit professional presentations.

Powerful User Interface

Create impressive slide shows from your web browser with Zoho Show's sleek and intuitive interface, which includes options for slide transitions, animation, shapes, images and the works.

Flowcharts and Diagrams

Create flowcharts, diagrams, organizational charts and more. What's amazing is that the self-routing connections and dynamic shapes adapt automatically as you move them.

Slide Design Customization

Great looking presentations are all about getting the fine details in your slide design right. Choose from an extensive gallery of beautiful design templates or create your own with granular level customization options.

Import/Export Presentations

We realize that the world is not yet convinced that office documents can entirely be managed online. You can import presentations created using other desktop office software into Zoho Show without any third party vendor dependence. With support for import and export in .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .odp, .sxi files, this covers a wide spectrum of popular extensions.

Insert Videos/Images

Enchant your audience with images, pictures and videos in your presentations that will add value to your copy. Embed pictures you have stored in Picasa or Flickr. Add more effects by transforming the shape of your pictures.

Rich Image Editing

Embellish your presentations to the finest details. Add effects like shadows, reflections to images. Crop, align, flip, touch up and recolor photos. The rich image editor is meant to create attention grabbing slides.

Zesty Transitions & Animations

Jazz up your presentations with slick animation, transition effects to go in tandem with your text and images. Zoho Show provides a wide range of effects to choose from to impress your audience.

Sharing and Collaborating

Share a link to your presentation that your audience can view online and download if they wish. Move on from sending email attachments. Invite other users to collaborate and help you in creating your slides in real-time. It is quite something to work on slides simultaneously and instantly chat with your collaborators to share ideas.

Version Tracking

Ever been through situations were you felt probably a previous version of your presentation was better than the recent overkill changes you made? With version tracking you can easily switch back to older versions or revert your changes. An absolutely valuable feature which can help save a lot of time.