Zoho Sheet - Online Spreadsheet Application

Zoho Sheet is the online spreadsheet editor in Zoho Docs. Designed to completely replace desktop office software, this online spreadsheet editor is packed with all the power features necessary to create and edit professional spreadsheets.

Import / Export your spreadsheets

Import existing spreadsheets created using other office software into Zoho Sheet without any third party vendor dependence. Work on your data online from within the web browser. Export your spreadsheets whenever you need, even when you are on the move. The only requirement is an internet connection, which is almost ubiquitous these days.

Collaborate with coworkers in real time

Free yourself from the tediousness of emailing spreadsheets to your coworkers and having to rigorously blend different versions into one. Get your coworkers to work with you on a spreadsheet simultaneously in real time. Share your sheets and data easily as links with customizable view, edit permissions set for each end user.


Set conditions to your spreadsheet columns to automatically filter through your data and view only what matters for analysis. Save time and effort by using AutoFilters.


Does it even have to be mentioned that charts are an absolute must in any spreadsheet application? Of course, you can create sharp looking charts, visualize trends underlying the data and gain important insights.

Conditional Formatting

Set different formats / styles to cells based on specific rules or even formulas. Conditionally modify the foreground or background color, make font type bold, italic, underline and more.

VBA Macros

Automate repeated tasks on your spreadsheet suing VBA Macros. Create Macros from scratch or record actions performed on the spreadsheet. Assign Macros to a buttons and make it as easy as a click to do repetitive jobs.

Publish your spreadsheets

Publish and share your sheets within your organization or make it public for anyone to see. Embed interactive spreadsheets on websites and blogs.

Pivot Table

Use Pivot tables and charts to to transform your data into an interactive console. Group and sum data in your spreadsheet independently without changing the layout of the original sheet. This is a fantastic way to analyze your way through large data sets.


It is lot easier to deal with mathematical stuff from simple formulas to complex calculations when you have 350+ functions available in your spreadsheet application.

Insert Images

Add images to your spreadsheet from files on your computer or from public URLs.

Version History

Data collection and analysis involves a lot of edits and changes to the spreadsheet. To err is human and in such situations the ability to be able to view and revert to the older, error-free versions of your spreadsheet can be a huge time saver.