Zoho Notebook Extension

Zoho Notebook is an easy-to-use note-taking app that can be synced across all your devices. eWidget lets you view, add, and edit notes, to-dos, upload, or attach media to Zoho Notebook from Zoho Mail.

Using Notebook integration in Zoho Mail

  1. Login to your Zoho Mail account
  2. Navigate to eWidget  > Zoho Notebook
  3. All your notes are listed in latest to oldest order for you to view and edit.
    ‚ÄčNotes in Zoho Notebook
  4. Click the + icon to add a note or to-do list.
    Adding note from email in Zoho Mail
  5. Use the search option to find a particular note.
    Searching for notes from Zoho Mail


Adding an email as a Note

You can add an email in Zoho Mail as a note in Zoho Notebook.

  1. Navigate to the eWidget icon on the bottom-right corner of your mailbox.
  2. Select Zoho Notebook from the app menu.
  3. Click on the Create from email icon.
    Adding email as a note
  4. Select the Notebook into which you want to add the note from the drop-down box.
    Selecting notebook category
  5. Click Add to add the email as a note in Zoho Notebook.

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