Zoho Inventory Extension

Zoho Inventory is an Inventory, Order, and Warehouse management software for your business. eWidget supports Zoho Inventory integration to help you have a quick view of the inventory details of a particular contact, Customer, or vendor, and Comment on the transactions in addition to the automated ones if and when required.

Using Zoho Inventory Extension in eWidget

  1. Login to your Zoho Mail account
  2. Navigate to the eWidget  icon > Zoho Inventory
  3. Select your Organization.
  4. Use Add to contact option or select an existing contact from the View Contacts list option.

The transactions between you and the contact will be listed in eWidget. This includes the shipping and billing addresses, currency, invoices, estimates associated with that particular contact. You can add a new contact using the add icon in the header menu, and add comments in the comments section for reference.

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