ServiceDesk Plus Extension

ServiceDesk Plus (SDP) is an IT help desk software from ManageEngine. SDP integration with Zoho Mail will allow you to manage and create SDP requests from inside your inbox.

Creating Requests

  1. Log in to Zoho Mail
  2. Click on the eWidget ​icon  on the right pane of your mailbox.
  3. Select ServiceDesk Plus from the app menu in eWidget listing.
  4. Click on the Create New Request icon (plus icon) on the right side
  5. Provide the following details:
    • Request type
    • Impact, Status, Level, and Priority of the request
    • Mode - Email, call, etc.,
    • The urgency of the request - high, low, etc.,
    • Subject
    • Technician handling the request
    • Requester Details
  6. Once the details are entered, click Add Request.

​Opening SDP eWidget while previewing an email will contextually fill the above details to create a request.

Managing Requests

Inside the SDP eWidget, choose the Portal you want to view from the dropdown. All the requests in the selected Portal will be listed in the eWidget.

View and Search Requests

You can filter the request you want to view using the All Request dropdown. You can view cancelled requests, completed requests, pending requests, etc using this option.

You can also search requests based on Request ID, Status, or Subject.

Other Options

Click on any request to view the details of the request. You can perform the following options from this details view:

  • Edit - Modify the details of the request
  • Close - Close the request
  • Pickup - Assign the request to yourself
  • Assign - Assign the request to another technician

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