IMAP Access

 Can the Zoho Mail accounts be accessed via IMAP?

Zoho Mail supports the IMAP access of the Zoho accounts in standard IMAP clients. The detailed configuration instructions are available in this help page.

However, the external POP accounts added in Zoho Mail cannot be accessed via IMAP from external clients. 

 What are the Incoming, Outgoing Server settings for Zoho to setup as IMAP account.

Incoming Server: Port: 993 Security type: SSL
Outgoing Server: Port: 465
Outgoing Server requires authentication. The credentials are same as your Zoho account credentials, unless and otherwise you have enabled Two Factor Authentication(TFA) for your account. You need to generate and use Application Specific Passwords in case you have TFA enabled. 

 I have configured Zoho Mail via IMAP using the correct credentials. Still I receive a message that my Password is incorrect in my client.

In case you have enabled Two Factor Authentication (TFA) for your account, you need to generate and provide Application Specific Password in the IMAP Client or the device. Refer here for instructions.

 When I delete and email from my IMAP client, the changes are not reflected in Zoho Mail. 

You need to set the Expunge options in Zoho Mail under the IMAP Access section. Choose Expunge immediately to delete the email from the Zoho account also, when you have deleted the email in the mobile device. Refer here for instructions.

If you have set the Expunge settings already, you need to refresh the folder once for the changes to reflect in webmail.

 When I access my account via IMAP, I get the error message "IMAP Access Blocked". How can I unblock it?

When there is an unusual activity detected in your account via IMAP, your account may be blocked for a period of 5 minutes to 5 days, for IMAP Access, depending on the type of activity detected. In case your IMAP Access is suspended due to simultaneous connections from multiple clients, closing the sessions in unused clients will help to restore access.

You can login to the webmail, where you will see an option to unblock your IMAP access. 

 I see duplicates of sent messages. How do I avoid duplicates.

If you are sending emails using an IMAP client, the sent messages appear twice due to a configuration setting in the IMAP Client you use. When a message is sent through the Zoho SMTP server, the server places the sent message in your Sent folder. The IMAP client which you use, again copies the 'Sent' messages to the server, making it duplicates. Some clients have option to avoid this behavior

  • Outlook 2010 - Open Account Settings >> select the respective account >> click Change >> More Settings >> Sent Items >> select "Do not save copies of Sent Items".
  • Outlook 2007 -  Click Tools >> Account Settings >> Email Accounts >> edit the IMAP account of Zoho >> click More Settings >> Folders >> select the second radio button "Choose an existing folder or create a new folder to save your sent items for this account in" >> select Sent folder from the folder list and click OK.
  • Mac  Mail App - If you are using Mac, select the Sent folder under the  Zoho account in your Mac mail >> Select the Mailbox tab at the top >> Select "Use this mailbox for" >> choose Sent.