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Import Emails

 Can I import my other email into Zoho?

If you have your email as .eml format, you can import the email into your Zoho Account or the POP Accounts configured in Zoho using the Import/ Export Option. Learn more.

 What is the format supported?

You can either import the .eml file directly or zip a bunch of .eml files together and upload the zip file. The individual eml files cannot exceed 10 MB and the total size of the zip file cannot exceed 200MB.

 I am not able to see my emails even after import is successful. Why?

After a successful import of the files, it will take at least an hour of time for the emails to be populated in your Inbox.

 How long should I wait, before I get the imported emails in my mailbox?

After a successful import of the files, it will take at least an hour of time for the emails to be populated in your Inbox.

 Can I upload a PST file to migrate?

We have a PST Migration tool, using which you can migrate your emails from PST to Zoho Inbox. Apart from Email, you can also migrate your calendar and contacts in your PST to Zoho Calendar and Zoho Contacts respectively. Currently the PST Migration tool is available only on demand. Please contact support (at) zohomail (dot) com for further details.

 I am receiving an alert that my mails could not be imported. Why?

Emails need to be in the RFC specified format to be imported successfully. If there are any non-standard emails, those emails will not be imported in Zoho Mail.

Export Emails

 Can I take a backup of my mails in Zoho?

You have the export option in Zoho Mail to export the emails in the chosen time frame from a particular folder , in zip format. Messages that are older than 1 year cannot be exported from Zoho Mail.Learn more.

 What would be the format of migrated mails?

The email will be in .eml format in a compressed zip file.

 Can I choose a particular mail to migrate?

To save only a particular email, you can click the Save icon in the message reading pane. The currently open email will be saved in ‘HTML’ format.

 I received a notification email with a download link. However the link does not work.

If you are using any desktop email client and accessing the link from there, it will not work due to security reasons. Make sure that you are logged in to Zoho Mail web interface and access the download link from there to download the email files without any issues.

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