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 How do I change my Display Name?

Click Settings » Mail » Send Mail As » Edit the From Address for which you want to change the display name. Type in the preferred Display Name in the Display Name section. Click Save. Learn more.

 How do I change the number of email displayed in the mail listing pane?

Click Settings » Common Settings » My Preferences » Customize Layout. Choose the preferred ‘Number of messages listed per page’ from the drop down. Click Save. Learn more.

 How to view conversations?

The messages which have conversation threads of related messages have a conversation icon denoting the thread of messages.’ Click on the icon to view the entire conversation in a separate tab. Learn more.

 How to insert a hyperlink/ URL in the composer?

To insert a hyperlink click on the link icon in the compose editor tools.In the dialog that opens, mention the url, Tool Tip text for the link and Click OK. Learn more.

 How to Spell check my composed messages?

To spell check the text in the composer before sending click on the spell check icon.The wrongly spelled words will be highlighted. Right Click the words. Spelling suggestions will be shown.You can choose the correct spelling from the list. Learn more.

 Spam mails come into my Inbox. How can I stop them?

Zoho mail, has self learning Spam mechanism. Hence instead of directly deleting the spam,select the spam messages, Click ‘Mark As’ and select ‘Spam’. Further if you find that a particular email address or domain always sends you spam, add the email address or the domain itself to the black list box in the Anti-Spam section of your settings. Learn more.

 Do you have any keyboard shortcuts for commonly used tasks?

Zoho mail supports Keyboard shortcuts for key savvy users. You can enable Keyboard Shortcuts in the Mail Settings page. Learn more.


 Can I request Read receipt in Zoho Mail?

When you compose a message, click on the checkbox ‘Ask Receipt’ before you send the message. When the recipient opens the email, based on the email client he uses, the recipient will get a notification of the Request Read receipt. If the recipient accepts to ‘notify’ sender, you will receive a notification email. In case the recipients mail client does not support read receipts, there will not be any notification to the recipient.

 How should I enable Outbox?

In the Mail Settings, select sending options and click Enable Outbox. Specify a time duration till which you want to retain the email in your Outbox after you click Send. You can override Outbox by directly clicking ‘Send Immediately’ from your Outbox. Learn more.

 What is Outbox Interval or Sending Interval?

The sending interval or the Outbox interval is the time duration in minutes, during which time, the mail will be retained in your Outbox before actually sending. Learn more.

 How can I use a Template?

If you want to use a template, please draft the content, apply necessary formatting and click ‘Save Template’. You can use the template any number of times by clicking the template from the templates folder. Learn more.

 How can I set encoding for my outgoing message?

You can set an encoding for Outgoing message from the Settings page. In the Mail Settings locate compose options and you can set a default encoding for your outgoing messages. Learn more.

 How can I set my composing language?

You can set the composing language by choosing the language from the drop down box next to the Spell Check Icon. However, you can compose in the language of your choice, if your system and keyboard settings support the language or alternatively, you can compose the mail in a different editor and copy the content here for optimal results. The language selected in the spell checker is used for spell checker purposes. If you want the composer to recognize the fonts properly, you need to choose the correct encoding.

 How can I send mail from another mail address?

You can add ‘Custom from’ Addresses to send mail from other email addresses. If you add an email account as ‘Custom From’, a verification code will be sent to the account. Once you verify the account in Zoho, you can select the account from the drop down box available in the Composer Window. Learn more.

Send/ Receive Attachments

 How do I add my attachments to Zoho Docs?

You can add your files saved in Zoho Docs as attachment in Zoho Mail. Click on the button ‘Zoho Docs’ to choose a file saved in your Zoho docs account or even a file shared to you via Zoho Docs as attachment to your email. Learn more.

 Are my attachments scanned for Virus automatically?

Zoho Mail uses Clam AV for advanced Virus protection. Incoming and Outgoing email and attachments are scanned for Virus. If any attachment is found to be virus infected, it cannot be attached to the email.

 How do I send attachments in Google Docs account?

You can add your files saved in Google Docs as attachment in Zoho Mail. Click on the button ‘Google Docs’ to choose a file saved in your Google docs account as attachment to your email.


 How can search for mails based on different parameters?

Specify the text to search in the text box and select the parameter from the drop down near Search box. Learn more.


 Where can I view all the unread mail?

Select Unread from ‘Views’ to view all unread mail from all the folders. To view unread emails from a particular folder, Click 'View All drop down' and select 'Unread' from the list.

 How can I view all my mails, irrespective of the folders they are placed?

Select ‘All Messages’ from ‘Views’ to view all mail in all the folders.

 How can I view all the flagged mails, irrespective of the folders they are placed?

Select ‘Flagged’ from ‘Views’ to view all mail in all the folders. To view flagged emails from a particular folder, Click 'View All drop down' and select 'Flagged' from the list.


 What are Archive emails and how it affects my storage?

Archived emails remove the clutter from your webmail and saves your old email optimally. Archive does not directly save the storage space, but makes the optimizes the storage used by the account. It makes the tasks like Search, Run through Filters etc faster. Learn more.


 How do I add contacts to Address Book?

Click on the Address book and select the required contacts from the list and insert in To/ Cc/ Bcc based on your requirement. You can also search for a contact inside Address book. When you send emails, the email addresses are automatically added to your contact list based on your choice. You can also manually insert or import Contacts from Contacts application.


 How do I change the Primary Email Address linked to my account?

  1. Login to to manage your Account Information.
  2. Select 'My Profile Info' in the top left.
  3. Select 'Email Address' section below the Personal Information
  4. All the email addresses associated with your account will be listed here.
  5. Click Add email in the right, to associate a new email address with your account. 
  6. You need to verify the account using a link sent to the provided email address.
  7. Once verified, the newly provided email address will be linked to this account.
  8. Under Secondary Email address, locate the email address which you want to switch as Primary. 
  9. Click the green mail icon to make the email address as Primary.

  Operation restricted due to excessive usage. Why do I see this message?

In Zoho Mail, when you do lot of operations (like deleting mails one by one or opening lot of mails quickly) within a small h2 of time, you will get the error "Operation restricted due to excessive usage". It will get unblocked automatically after 30 minutes or one hour based on the operation. These restrictions have been enabled to reduce spamming or other spurious activity in your Zoho Mail account and it is common for all users.