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Simple Email Hosting with Zoho

Email Hosting with Zoho

Zoho Mail provides Email Hosting, which suits the requirements of business and organization users for managing their email, contacts, calendar and tasks. 

Setting Up Your Domain

Email hosting with Zoho is a very simple 5 step process. The 'Features' page will provide you an overall summary of the Zoho Mail Client and Admin Console features.

Small Businesses or Individual Professionals can benefit from our 'Lite' plan which is free. The users can add 1 domain and create upto 3 user mail accounts totally. 


The Large and Medium enterprises can benefit from our Standard plan, which is priced competetively at $2 per month per user. The Administrator can also opt for a trial period of 30 days, during which they can complete the transition and switch to Zoho Mail Suite. The detailed information is available in our Pricing page. 

The process of migrating from your current Email service provide to Zoho is very simple as depicted in the below image. The migration can be processed without any downtime, and the email migration tools will help you to bring in or copy your existing email data to the respective Zoho Mail accounts. 

Step 1: Add and Verify the domain or contact us to buy a domain. 
Step 2: Add users and Create Email Accounts (or) Import Users
Step 3: Create Groups (You can run Test Migration from your provider to Zoho for 2/3 users).
Step 4: Configure the MX records of your domain to point to Zoho Servers, to start receiving emails to your domain accounts in Zoho. 
Step 5: Once you start receiving emails, perform Email Migration for rest of the users.

For more help in Mail Administration Console Panel, refer this help page.

Benefits of Email Hosting with Zoho


Get you@yourdomain.com email address in Zoho, by adding your domain in Zoho. Zoho mail offers a lot of collaboration and email management features for the Business and Organization users. Some of them are listed below.

  • Powerful Administrative Console
  • Multiple domain management
  • No Ads even in free version
  • Free up to 3 users
  • Multiple Domain based Mail Alias creation
  • POP Server Support
  • IP based Security Option
  • Groups with varied access controls
  • Group Mail
  • Catch All Mail box
  • Effective SPAM control
  • Organize your Email effectively with Folders, Labels and Filters
  • Web based Mail with attractive features and anytime anywhere access
  • Access via IMAP and POP
  • Manage your other accounts via POP inside Zoho Mail
  • Access all Business Apps from a single console

Zoho mail offers all the above mentioned features without harming the users privacy and without compromising security of data. Zoho mail does not display ads even for the free users. The domain you use in Zoho Mail 

Migration duration

Generally migration via Control Panel is fast and can migrate even up to 45 GB per day, assuming your legacy/ old mail server from which you are migrating accepts at-least 5 parallel connections.  

However the duration of migration highly depends on the number of users, size of data to be migrated, number of parallel connections supported by the server, bandwidth and network connectivity at the server end. Some approximate calculations are provided below under standard parameters.  

Number of emails migrated per hour/ per user = 1500

Assuming the connection limit as 5, number of emails migrated for 5 users = 7,500 

Number of emails migrated per day = 180000 emails 

Size of emails migrated per day = 45 GB (assuming an average size of email as 250 KB). (approx 10GB per day/ per user/ per connection)


We also provide support for migration from Exchange Server / PST files / EML files using the Zoho Migration Wizard, which you can get by writing to us at support@zohomail.com.  If you are a part of large organization with 1000+ mailboxes and looking for more customized plans or setup, do not hesitate to contact us with your detailed requirements. 


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