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 Archive Process

Zoho Mail, archives the emails based on the Archive Policy configured, for better performance of email clients and to assist the users to have an organized mailbox. When messages are archived, they are stored in the same folder and can be viewed from the Archive Views.  Archived messages will not be made available to IMAP clients and new POP clients. You can manually archive selected individual messages or folders.

The archival of emails does not change the storage used by your mailbox or your folders. 

More information about manually Archiving Messages and Archive Folders are available in the Archive help page. 

 Default Archive Policy

When a new folder is created, the default policy is applied to the folder. For all the folders, unless alternative options are applied, the default Policy will be applied.

  1. Login to mail.zoho.com
  2. Click Settings. » Archive Policy
  3. You can view the default policy values. 
  4. You cannot modify the Default Policy, but create custom policies and apply them to the various folders. 

 Custom Archive Policy

You can define custome archive policies, based on the duration or number of messages or size of the emails. 

  1. Login to Zoho Mail
  2. Click Settings >> Archive Policy
  3. Click Create New option too create a new policy with custom values
  4. Provide a meaningful name for the custom policy being created.
  5. Select one of the options provided, based on your requirement.
    1. Archive Messages older than _ months  
      The option to archive emails, based on the age of the emails. This archives the emails that arrived before 'n' months, where n is the number chosen. 
    2. Archive all messages, but the most recent _ messages 
      The option to archive messages based on count. You can choose to retain 'n' number of messages that arrived recently in the folder and archive the rest of the emails. 
    3. Individual message size exceeds _ MB and older than _ days.
      The option to archive messages based on size and the age. When an email that arrived in larger than the specified size and is older than n number of days, it gets archived. 
  6. Once you add the policy, you can choose the folders to which you want to apply the custom policy created. 

You can choose to exclude the unread/ flagged messages from being archived, using the checkboxes below the options. 

 Apply Policy for a Folder

Once you have created the policy, Click Apply policy for Folder to apply it to a folder.

  1. Login to Zoho Mail
  2. Click Settings >> Archive Policy
  3. Click Apply next to the relevant policy.
  4. You can choose how to apply the policy:
    • For all folders - The selected policy will be applied to all your mail folders.
    • For selected folders - The selected policy will be applied to the folders you choose. Click on Add folders and select all the required folders.
  5. Click Apply.

 Do Not Archive Policy

You can choose 'Do not Archive' policy, for a particular folder, to exclude it from being archived. 

  1. Login to Zoho Mail
  2. Click Settings >> Archive Policy
  3. Click Apply next to Do not Archive.
  4. Click on Add folder and select the relevant folders to apply the Do not Archive.
  5. Click Apply

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