PUT - Set or change Task reminder


This API is used to set or change the reminder date or the reminder type (email or notification) for a task.

Request URL 

Group Task:


Personal Task:


Request Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
GroupID*LongThe unique identifier used for groups in the organization
entityId*LongThe unique identifier assigned to each task

* - Mandatory parameters

Request Body (JSON Object)

ParameterData TypeAllowed ValuesDescription
reminderDate*Dateyyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.ffffff (ISO 8601 date format)
To remove the reminder - reminderDate: ""
The date when you want to be reminded
emailReminder*Booleantrue; falseWhether you want to be reminded through email
popupReminder*Booleantrue; falseWhether you want to be reminded through popup notification

* - Mandatory parameters

Response Codes

Please refer Response Codes.

Sample Request

CopiedSample URL:

Group Task:

Personal Task:

Sample Request Body:

"reminderDate" : "2018-10-09T02:33:50+00:00",
"emailReminder" : "false",
"popupReminder" : “true”