PUT - Set or change Task reminder based on due date


This API is used to set or replace a reminder for a task, based on the due date that has been set. For example, you can set the reminder such that it reminds you one or two days before the due date.

Request URL 

Group Task:


Personal Task:


Request Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
GroupID*LongThe unique identifier used for groups in the organization
entityId*LongThe unique identifier assigned to each task

* - Mandatory parameters

Request Body (JSON Object)

ParameterData TypeAllowed ValuesDescription
reminderDueDate*Integer-The number of days before the due date when you want to be reminded
emailReminder*Booleantrue; falseWhether the reminder should be sent via email
popupReminder*Booleantrue; falseWhether the reminder should be sent as a popup notification

* - Mandatory parameters

Either the emailReminder parameter or the popupReminder parameter has to be given in this API request.

Response Codes

Please refer Response Codes.

Sample Request

CopiedSample URL:

Group Task:

Personal Task:

Sample Request Body:

"reminderDueDate" : "1",
"isEmailReminder" : "false",
"isPopupReminder" : "true"