POST - To Send an Email 


The API is used to Send an Email. 

 Request URL<accountId>/messages

Note: You can use the API here to retrieve the accountid for the currently authenitcated user.

 Request Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
accountId*LongaccountID - The unique Zoho Account number associated with the particular account.

* - Mandatory parameters

  Request Body (JSON Object)

ParameterData TypeAllowed ValuesDescription
fromAddress*StringValid from email address corresponding to the account Sender's email address for the From field (associated to the authenticated account)

Valid recipient email address for the To field

Recipient email address for the To field
ccAddressStringValid recipient email address for the Cc fieldRecipient email address for the Cc field
bccAddressStringValid recipient email address for the Bcc fieldRecipient email address for the Bcc field
subjectString-Subject of the email that should be sent 

Default value is UTF-8. Other allowed encoding values are listed below

  • Big5
  • EUC-JP
  • EUC-KR
  • GB2312
  • ISO-2022-JP
  • ISO-8859-1
  • KOI8-R
  • Shift_JIS
  • UTF-8
  • WINDOWS-1251
The encoding which should be used in the email content. 
  • html
  • plaintext
Whether the email should be sent in HTML format or in plain text. The default value is html
askReceiptString"Yes"Whether you need to request Read receipt from the recipient. If required, enter the value as "yes".

* - Mandatory parameters

 Response Codes

Please refer Response Codes.

Sample Request

   "fromAddress": "",
   "toAddress": "",
   "ccAddress": "",
   "bccAddress": "",
   "subject": "Email - Always and Forever",
   "content": "Email can never be dead. The most neutral and effective way, that can be used for one to many and two way communication.",
   "askReceipt" : "yes"