Zoho Mail Rest API


Zoho Mail's REST API(REpresentational State Transfer - Application Programming Interface) allows the integration of Zoho Mail modules with third-party applications and services. You can extract and use Zoho Mail data using API, to develop new applications based on them or integrate with existing applications.

Zoho Mail provides Restful APIs and hence is independent of programming languages. You can develop applications in any programming language (Java, .Net, C, C++, PHP, etc.). The response Zoho Mail data is also language-independent and will be in JSON format. This allows partners or resellers to build custom applications with Zoho Mail Architecture as a base and interact programmatically yet securely to manage the users, and their accounts.


In Zoho Mail, REST APIs are available for the following modules. 

  • Organization APIs
  • Domain APIs
  • User Management
  • Account Management
  • Group Management

The API availability is based on the conditions provided in the prerequisites and based on the individual plans and permissions for admins and user accounts based on their mail policies. 

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Partners/ Resellers
  • System Integrators


  • You must have a valid Zoho Mail Account
  • You must have permission to access API service (System-level security settings)
  • You must generate and use a valid OAuthToken to access Zoho Mail API (Refer OAuth Token)
  • You must have the required role to access the particular API
  • Custom-maintained application server/ environment to host the third-party application
  • Active Internet connection to send requests and get responses from Zoho Mail using API.