Get mail details


This API is used to get the details of an email.

Request URL 

Current mail details 

Get default details (From, To, CC)

Using the Get current mail details command will return the current email details. This can be done by using the "On Mail Preview" event.


Get details using message ID

Using the Get mail details command, you can obtain the details of the email associated with the message ID. 


Request Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
messageID* IntegerThe unique identifier used for the email

* - Mandatory parameters

Sample Response

Default mail details

"FROM": "", 
"TO": ""Paula M"<>", 
"CC": "",
"BCC":" ",
"ACCOUNT_ID": "5164940000000008001",
"MSGID": "3881227000005765001",
"SUBJECT": "Website Design",
"SM": "<p>Attached design ideas</p>",
"NEWATTR": "[ {"st": 0, "attType": 1, "e": "157742754265103002", "part": "1", "fn": "Sample_Name.PDF", "l": [], "fmt": "pdf", "fs": "1443832", "ft": 102, "et": 1, "p": "1", "inline": false, "size": "1443892", "u": "c6f059b0-2870-11ea-aea7-0cc47a81d49e", "appId": "0", "name": "Sample_Name.PDF", "tn": false, "Id": "137967203327290000", "id": "137967203327290000", "shT": 0, "gId": "688974046", "groupId": "688974046", "entityId": "1577427542651030001", "entityType": 1, "attachId": "137967203427290000"}]",
"CONTENT":"<meta /><div><div style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif"><div>Hi Paula,<br /></div><div><br /></div><div>This is in continuation to our discussion about the upcoming website design.<br /></div><div><br /></div><div>I have attached with this email some design ideas that my team has come up with.<br /></div><div><br /></div><div><br /></div><div><br /></div><div>Regards<br /></div><div>Rebecca</div><div><br /></div></div><br /></div>",