GET - Tasks with given status


This API is used to retrieve all the tasks with the given status (either completed or in progress), along with all the details of the task.

Request URL<GroupID>/?status=<Status>

Request Parameters

ParameterData TypeAllowed valuesDescription
GroupID*Long-The unique identifier used for groups in the organization
status*Stringinprogress (or) completedThe status of completion of the given task
limit Integer 1 - 499 (default - 20)The number of tasks that you would like to retrieve
fromInteger1 - number of tasks available

The task number from which retrieval has to be done
For eg: If you want to retrieve tasks starting from the 50th task to the 70th task, the 'from' value should be 50, and the 'limit' value should be 20.

* - Mandatory parameters

Response Codes

Please refer Response Codes.

Sample Request			

Sample Response

"status": {
"code": 200,
"description": "success"
"data": {
"paging": {
"nextPage": "/api/tasks/groups/53658048?from=1&limit=1&status=inprogress"
"tasks": [
"owner": {
"name": "Rebecca",
"id": 53608806
"numberOfSubtasks": 0,
"modifiedTime": "2018-10-30T15:14:10+05:30",
"attachments": [],
"subtasks": [],
"description": "",
"project": {
"name": "General",
"id": "17461000000006001"
"title": "Blog Updates",
"priority": "Normal",
"tags": [],
"createdAt": "2018-10-30T15:14:10+05:30",
"followers": [],
"namespaceId": "53658048",
"id": "17461000000053006",
"assignee": Justin Case,
"status": "In Progress"