GET - Organization Subscription Details


The API retrieves the Subscription details along with the storage information, with allotted and available storage details for the given organization. The details are available for all users along with their individual allotted storage details.

 Request URL<zoid>/storage

 Request Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
zoid*Integerzoid - The unique Zoho Organization Identified for the organization 

limit - Used to get the storage details of users in batches.
Specify the number of users for which the details of storage need to be retrieved

startIntegerstart - Used to get the storage details of users in batches. 
Specify the order number from which the data retrieval should start. Works better when used with limit parameter.

* - Mandatory parameters

 Response Codes

Please refer Response Codes.

Sample Response

				"data": {
   "orgPlans": [{
      "planType": "standard_15gb",
      "totalCount": 50,
      "allotedCount": 27
   "addons": [{
      "addonType": "15gb",
      "totalCount": 20,
      "allotedCount": 1
   "userList": [{
      "zuid": 1234567,
      "totalStorage": 150,
      "mailBox": true,
      "usedStorage": 120,
      "basicStorage": "standard_10gb"
      "extraStorage": {
         "15gb": "1",
         "25gb": "1",
         "100gb": "1"