GET - Get All Members in a Group


This API is used to retrieve the details of all the members in a specific group.

OAuth Scope

Use the scope

ZohoMail.tasks.ALL (or) ZohoMail.tasks.READ

to generate the Authtoken.

ALL - Full access to tasks.

READ - Retrieve all details of all the members of a group.

Request URL

Method: GET{zgid}/members

Path Parameters

  • zgidlong
    • Specifies the unique identifier used for groups in an organization.
    • This parameter can be retrieved from the Get all groups API.


* - Mandatory parameter

Response Codes

Refer here for the response codes and their meaning.

Sample Request

Copiedcurl "*****/members" \
-X GET \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization:Zoho-oauthtoken *****"

Sample Response

  "status": {
    "code": 200,
    "description": "success"
  "data": {
    "members": [
        "name": "Rebecca",
        "id": 53608806
        "name": "Justin Case",
        "id": 42522589
        "name": "Paula M",
        "id": 11160001