Folder Details

The Folder APIs help you to get and update information about the Folder details of a particular user account.

While using Folder related API, use the OAuth Scope folders.

Method NameURLMethod TypeOAuth ScopePurpose
Get all Folder Details/api/accounts/<accountId>/foldersGETfoldersTo get the details of all the folders in a particular account along with the Folder Id of each folder.
Get Details of a Single Folder/api/accounts/<accountId>/folders/<folderid>GETTo get the details of a particular folder, based on the Folder Id provided. 
Create a new Folder/api/accounts/<accountId>/foldersPOSTCreate a new folder with the specified name and details, in the given path.  
Rename a Folder/api/accounts/<accountId>/folders/<folderid>PUTTo rename a particular folder with the specified name. 
Move a Folder/api/accounts/<accountId>/folders/<folderid>PUTTo move a folder to a different position in the folder tree. 
Enable IMAP view for a Folder/api/accounts/<accountId>/folders/<folderid>PUTTo enable IMAP view for the folder, to make it accessible from the IMAP Clients.
Disable IMAP view for a Folder/api/accounts/<accountId>/folders/<folderid>PUTTo disable IMAP View for the the folder, to make it not accessible from the IMAP Clients 
Mark all emails in a folder as Read/api/accounts/<accountId>/folders/<folderid>PUTTo mark all emails in the folder as Read.
Empty Folder/api/accounts/<accountId>/folders/<folderid>PUTTo delete all emails in the folder.
Delete Folder/api/accounts/<accountId>/folders/<folderid>DELETETo delete the folder along with the emails and sub-folders