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Yahoo DNS - Add CNAME Records for Verification

If your domain manager is Yahoo, please follow the below steps.

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Domain manager account.
  2. Select the Control Panel of the domain, you have added in Zoho.
  3. Select Manage Advanced DNS Settings.
  4. Select Add Record.
  5. In the Source field, enter the code generated in Zoho, zb********.
  6. In the Destination field, specify domain.zoho.com.
  7. Click Submit to save the changes.

You have now added the CNAME successfully. You may have to wait for at least an hour for the changes to take effect in the DNS Servers. After an hour or two, log in to your Zoho Mail control panel and click Verify. Once your domain is verified, you can start adding users and creating mail accounts.

Update MX records to receive emails: Yahoo DNS

If your DNS is hosted with Yahoo, follow the below instructions to change the MX Records of your domain and receive emails.

  1. Login to your domain manager account in Yahoo.
  2. Select Domain from the toolbar in the top of the page.
  3. Click Manage Advanced DNS Settings.
  4. Click Change MX Records
  5. In the text box specify 'mx.zoho.com'.
  6. In the priority field, specify 10 .
  7. Follow the same process to add another record 
  8. Specify MX value as mx2.zoho.com and the priority as 20. 

    The MX values given above are based on the generic configuration information. For more specific configuration particular for your domain refer this section in the Admin Control Panel.


    We recommend you to go through your DNS providers support documentation for the exact method to add the MX entries.

  9. Ensure that only the two records above are listed for the MX records. Remove any other MX entries for the domain.
  10. Click ‘Submit’ to confirm the changes

You have now added the MX Records for your domain registered with Yahoo domain manager.

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