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Zoho Mail - Referral Program

The Zoho Mail referral program allows you to refer other businesses and earn bonus user licenses, for your business and for the referred business. Through this program, you can gain up to 25 additional free user licenses. The referral program is available for all plans, including the paid plans. The users for whom you allocate the bonus license will get 5 GB storage as the base storage. When the invited friend signs up for a business account, the other organization also gets free 5 licenses with 5 GB base storage for each user irrespective of the plan he has chosen to sign up for, after completing the validation criteria. 

Invite/ Refer Friends:

Once you complete the Email Hosting Process for your domain, you can start referring other businesses to Zoho. The MX Records of your domain should be pointed to Zoho Mail's servers to be eligible for the referral program. You can send Invitations by clicking the 'Bonus Users' number displayed in the Dashboard of your Control Panel.

The users can view the referrals and the statistics from 'My Referrals' link in your profile section.

You will be able to invite other businesses to Zoho Mail either through email, or a personalized status on your preferred social media platform. Please note, that when you send an invitation, the invitation will be valid only if the recipient's domain is not already hosted with Zoho. 

  1. The referred user also needs to complete the Email Hosting Process for the added domain.
  2. The referred user need to complete the 'Claim Bonus users' process to get the free users allotted for both the organizations.
  3. If all the details are correct, the bonus users will be allocated to both Referred and the Referrer user.
  4. The maximum number of free users you can gain through the referral process, by sending/ accepting invitation is 25 users.

Claim Bonus Users: 

In case you have received a invitation and completed the set up process, you can have the bonus users credited to the referrer organization and your organization after completing all the steps below: 

  1. Add, verify your domain and set up users. 
  2. Configure the MX Records of the domain, to point to Zoho Mail servers. 
  3. Select the contact email address to which you sent the referral from the drop down, and provide the referral code.
  4. The referral code will be available in the invitation email which you have received. 
  5. Click Submit, to validate the referral. 
  6. Once verified and the referral is valid, both your account and the referred account will be credited with 5 users, based on the referral conditions.
  7. In case you are unable to complete the referral process, send us the screenshot of the page to, for further support.

View Referral Status:

The referral status of all the invitations can be tracked from the referral status page. 

Validation Criteria:

  1. The referral will be considered valid to earn free user bonus in Zoho Mail, only after the referred domain's MX entries are pointed to Zoho Mail Servers and not for a mere sign up.
  2. The domains which you refer should be genuine and should have credible email activity.
  3. If the referred domain switch the MX records away from Zoho Mail within 1 month of sign up or if it does not have regular activity, the free user licenses earned for the referrer will be cancelled.
  4. The primary domains with important TLDs (extensions) like .biz, .com, .edu, .gov, .info, .mobi, .net, .org, .co etc and country specific TLDs (extensions) like .us, .uk, in, .fr will only be considered for free user bonuses.
  5. The free user licenses will be updated in both the accounts when the referrer completes the 'Claim Bonus Users' process successfully.
  6. In case you are unable to locate the Referral code, you can get it directly from the URL you get on clicking Accept Invite. 

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