Active Directory Sync

Zoho provides options to sync your Zoho accounts with the Active Directory service and enables simple provisioning of users, along with real-time sync.

Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a service that has been developed by Microsoft to aid in network management of all user-related data. It provides methods for storing user-related data and makes this data available to network users and admins. It stores all the required user-related information such as email address, password, username etc. and makes it easily accessible to the administrators in an organization. 

Zoho Directory

Zoho Directory (ZD) is a centralized directory that has been designed by Zoho to store and make network management of user details easy for admins. It aims to synchronize user accounts and passwords that have been stored in your Microsoft Active Directory account. The data from the Microsoft AD account gets synced with your Zoho account, and the data will be periodically checked (based on the interval that you have set) and will be updated in Zoho. 


LDAP is an open protocol that is used for accessing and maintaining distributed directory services. One such service that makes use of LDAP is AD.


ZDSync is a secure directory that syncs user data such as their email addresses, passwords in the Active Directory with their Zoho accounts. This sync is automatic, and the data is matched with the data in the AD.

Services offered by ZD

The Zoho Directory Sync service offers synchronization for multiple entities. You can provision users and user data such as email address, username from your Active Directory. In addition, ZD also offers password sync. Scheduling synchronizations is also possible. You can select the frequency with which the data has to be synced from the ZD tool.

Check this help page for detailed information on how to sync from an LDAP server.

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