Zoho Mail makes it easy to set up groups. A simple administrative interface allows you to manage group memberships, establish policies, and control the flow of incoming and outgoing mails.

  • Access-based Groups
  • Manage Guest Memberships
  • Smart Email Delivery
  • Moderators
  • Group-level Spam Protection

Access-based Groups

Different kinds of groups based on access level can be created for an organization with or without moderation.

Manage Guest Memberships

Add members to a group, even if they are not part of the organization. This can include customers, partners, suppliers, and more.

Smart Email Delivery

A user can be part of any number of groups and if a particular email is sent to multiple groups to which a user is a member, Zoho Mail will intelligently deliver only one copy.


Establish unmoderated groups, or groups with one or multiple moderators. A moderator-flagged spam tag can be propagated to the other members in the group.

Group-level Spam Protection

Group moderators can decide on what messages are relevant and only messages approved by them are sent to group members. Group access restrictions and moderator spam-flag that reflects on member's mailboxes ensure maximum spam protection and awareness.