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What is eDiscovery?

Electronic discovery (also known as eDiscovery) is a term associated with legal lawsuits or litigations. In this context, 'Discovery' is a procedure where all parties involved in the lawsuit exchange evidence. This evidence can be physical or electronic.

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is in the form of emails, spreadsheets, text messages, social media interactions, and any electronic document. This information is open to eDiscovery when concerning a lawsuit.

Why is eDiscovery important for businesses?

Organizations need to safeguard themselves against potential lawsuits that could cost them their reputation. Having an eDiscovery process in place adds to the support an organization might need in producing evidence at the right time.

Scraping through electronic evidence can be extremely tedious if the files are not organised and filters are not in place. A well-planned eDiscovery process helps businesses organize and store their e-files irrespective of user actions.