Enterprise email with security at the forefront

Zoho Mail is an integrated email suite for the modern enterprise, complete with Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Contacts and Bookmarks. With over a decade of experience as a business email provider and 16 million trusted users, we’re equipped to sail through the challenges unique to an enterprise — protection and privacy of large volumes of data, user accounts management, complex workflows, and scalability.

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Enterprise email with security at the forefront

Security and Compliance:

Security and Compliance

Why use Zoho Mail as your enterprise email?


Identification of your needs


Customized for you


Hassle-free implementation


Customer support


Identification of your needs

Setting up enterprise email begins with understanding the needs and demands of your enterprise from your IT department. Our adept team will develop a comprehensive understanding of the processes that are integral to your business. Armed with this information, we’ll present you with the most efficient solution for your pain points while equipping you to make an informed decision.


Customizations for you

Crafting a well-suited email hosting platform for you is what we do best. The challenge with enterprise email is streamlining communication across multiple departments. If your company needs more than Zoho Mail's numerous features, our team will go the extra mile to customize our email service and make it the right fit for your enterprise. With our seamless inter-departmental workflows, you can run your business efficiently.


Hassle-free implementation

Implementation of Zoho Mail as your enterprise email can be carried out in stages. Our Dual-Delivery setup allows you to test the waters by implementing Zoho Mail for a few early adopters—including your IT department—without disrupting your existing email service. Once we've proven our mettle, you'll have a hassle-free transition to Zoho Mail with the help of our powerful migration options. Your business is then all set with an enterprise email tailored to your needs.


Customer support

Navigate Zoho Mail with ease thanks to the vast collection of support resources at your disposal. Our comprehensive help documents—admin console instructions, user and API guides—cater to the needs of IT administrators, users, and developers alike. Stay updated about releases and enhancements in Zoho Mail by keeping a tab on our frequently updated official blogs. With our technical support engineers available around the clock to answer your questions, your future demands will be met with swift and efficient solutions.

Exclusive enterprise email features

Ensure your business communications are at their best with these enterprise features exclusively available in Zoho Mail Premium.


The bigger your organization, the higher the number of emails you deal with and the more sensitive the content. This makes it crucial that your enterprise email protects the authenticity and privacy of your emails. Zoho Mail provides S/MIME to do just that. Digital signature and encryption services in S/MIME are an added line of defense against data leaks, phishing, email spoofing, and other attacks.

Huge Attachment

Attachment size limits will no longer be a reason for concern. Our Premium plan not only includes an increased attachment limit of 40 MB, but also comes with the Huge Attachment feature that allows files up to 1 GB to be attached to your emails. When you attach the file, it's uploaded to the cloud and a link is added to your email. You can also set permissions and pick who views your files.

Email retention and eDiscovery

Your enterprise email is responsible for preserving your company's emails and the important information that goes with it for access at crucial times. With our archiving solution, you can set custom retention policies and holds, and use eDiscovery to sieve through the archived information with ease. Initiate and manage investigations and keep track of user activity by generating audit logs.

Resource Booking

Enterprise-scale companies are no strangers to conference room shortages and double booking. Resource Booking lets you pick the room of your choice and reserve it for a specified time based on availability. Book a room, create an associated event, and send out invites all from one place.

Go beyond rooms and manage branches, buildings, floors, and even features like projectors and chairs.

White labeling

Branding is the cornerstone of most businesses. With our Premium plan, you can get an enterprise email with your branding and still save on the time and effort of building it yourself. Zoho Mail can be used as a white label email solution, complete with the logo and login URL of your choice. You can adopt this rebranded email platform not only within your organization but also for your users.


Other features to help run your enterprise efficiently

  • Multiple domains and Group Email ID

    Add and manage multiple domains from a single account or set up domain aliases for existing domains. Create group email addresses and decide access levels for your group members. Even buy your domain from Zoho Mail.

  • Split delivery

    Split delivery lets you have a set of accounts in Zoho Mail and the remaining accounts on the other server. The emails sent to the Zoho Mail accounts are delivered in Zoho, while the emails to the other accounts are redirected to the configured server instead of being bounced back.

  • Email policy

    Control the data flow in and out of your enterprise by defining email policies to suit your security needs and applying them to selective users. Email policy lets you pick from a variety of email, domain, account, and access restrictions.

  • Email recovery

    Recover emails deleted from user accounts in a few quick steps. Select the users whose emails need to be recovered, pick the duration when the emails were deleted, and designate a destination folder to begin recovering emails.

Enterprise-ready email solution for your business

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