Take advantage of the extensive domain management options Zoho Mail delivers to the Enterprise. Zoho Mail makes the process of migration and setup simple, and then we relieve you of day to day email administration.

  • Hosting and Registration
  • Multiple Domains
  • Multiple Aliases
  • Customize Look and Feel

Hosting and Registration

It is easy to enable mail hosting for an already-owned domain. We also provide an easy registration service, if a new domain is needed.

Multiple Domains

You can add and handle multiple domains for your organization from a single account. Hosted in datacenters on the cloud, administrators are free of the burdens to maintain mail servers for individual domains and keep their focus in managing email communication within the organization.

Multiple Aliases

Add users with multiple mail aliases. For example, mails addressed to hiyoshin.n@zillium.com and hiyoshin.nakamo@zillium.com can be made to land in the same mailbox.

Customize Look and Feel

Build your organization's brand by re-branding the application interface. Customize the URL, logo and theme to suit your organization's taste and need.