Zoho Mail through 2018

Zoho Mail | January 3, 2019 | 2 min read

Every year, we strive to give you a better email experience than the last, and this year has been no different. With close to 50 feature updates, 2018 has been a big year for Zoho Mail in more ways than one.

Here’s a quick recap of 2018 in Zoho Mail!

Milestones we reached in 2018 

A decade of Zoho Mail

We celebrated Zoho Mail’s 10th birthday this year, while simultaneously surpassing 10 million business accounts. Over the years, we’ve evolved to better meet our users’ needs, without whom our success would not be possible.

An all-new look

Zoho Mail got a complete makeover in 2018. To create a fresh look for our UI, we moved the tabs to the top, launched a vintage theme for your inbox, added a horizontal preview pane, enhanced settings, and much more.

Integrations made easier

The launch of eWidget in Zoho Mail made it possible to access multiple applications—both external and internal—right from your mailbox. With over a dozen integrations, eWidget made multitasking easier for anyone juggling applications.

Zoho Mail on external platforms

While integrations have seen an increase in the last year, we’ve also focused on making Zoho Mail accessible from external platforms. We made the Zoho Mail plugin available in WordPress, WHMCS, WHM, cPanel, built.io, and automate.io to help make your workflow simpler.

Best of both worlds

We brought the comfort of simplified webmail to your desktop with the release of the Zoho Mail Desktop Lite Client. You could now access your inbox with just a click from your desktop and the desktop/ badge notifications made sure you didn’t miss another email again.

You can take a look at our exhaustive list of all the updates in Zoho Mail on our What’s New page.

2018 has been a year of growth for us, and we hope you enjoyed the ride. We’re now stepping into 2019 with bigger and better plans. Until then, from all of us here at Zoho Mail, Happy New Year!

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    Muy buenos días, ya desde casi un mes que algunos correos no sale de la bandeja , se queda en salida y no me llega ningún correo, mi hosting es indianatravel.com.pe ya fue renovada nuestra cuenta pero aun nada no tenemos respuesta alguna. Necesitamos cuanto antes por favor , denos alguna solución. Gracias.

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Hi Carmen,
      From looking into this, it looks like MX records have not been configured for your account. Please configure MX records from your DNS page to resolve this issue. For further assistance regarding this, please reach out to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com. We’ll resolve it at the earliest. 🙂

  2. Tomisin

    Excellent. We look forward to more features.

  3. chaitali

    When is zoho planning to introduce payroll in hr?

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Hi Chaitali,
      Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll pass on your request to the relevant team. 🙂

  4. Rajnikant S Shah

    How do one print email from the inbox

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      You can print an email from the Preview. Please visit this help page for details.

  5. George Villegas, Jr.

    While my main email now under, Info@shepherdenterprise (as a catch-all account), I wanted my emails to go out under, George@… signature. Someone started to help me, then dropped the ball and I am not that tech savvy to do this on my own. Can someone please show me how to do this?

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Hi George,

      Please reach out to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com with your issue. Our support team will help you resolve it at the earliest. 🙂

  6. Zixx

    Please add snooze feature and email kanban boards in 2019! Then you will truly be the greatest email possible! Thx.

    • Nikkitha Senthil


      Thank you for the suggestions. The snooze feature is on our roadmap. We’ll keep you updated about the progress. We’ll look into the Email kanban boards suggestions. Meanwhile, you can use our Zapier integrations to automatically add your emails to kanban boards in the project management tool of your choice.
      Hope this helps. 🙂

  7. Emir

    It’s good

  8. Vignesh

    How to add(+) another account in zoho mail like as gmail

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Hi Vignesh,

      You can use POP account configuration to manage other accounts from your Zoho Mail account.

  9. MT

    Great work. But as stated earlier Drag & Drop attachment is pathetic. Kindly revert to old option or at the least give us a choice as to how we want to attach the files.

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      You can click on the attachment icon in the compose window and choose the My attachments option to include your attachments in an email.

  10. Aninston

    Happy new year team! I had always looked forward to such frequent updates in Zoho Mail but you guys were pretty silent most of the times. Now its good to see you people coming out with posts saying what you’ve been doing silently.

    Continue the good work and post more about such updates. Sometimes we know about certain aspects only if you announce them. Not if you let the cat out in the dark.

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Hi Aninston,
      We’re glad that you’ve liked our updates. It keeps us motivated and we’ll be sure to always keep our users in the loop. 🙂

  11. Toby Zandier

    But can you sort email by sender? That would #1 thing to do.
    ZOHO is great tool, but I think “SORT BY” SENDER would be a very basic function.
    Otherwise. . . two thumbs up.
    carry on. . . . I do appreciate the product.

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Hi Toby,
      Thank you for the appreciation. We do have Sort by sender feature in our roadmap. We’ll keep you informed about the developments. 🙂

  12. Red Pine Immigration Services

    Thanks for your support especially to new businesses with the free email hosting service.
    Keep it up…

  13. Harry

    As a startup, we sincerely thank Zoho for an outstanding free business mail hosting service. Your service quality blew our minds and we look forward to grow with Zoho services. Wish you very successful years ahead!

  14. Julio

    Nuestro agradecimiento al equipo de Zoho por proveernos de las herramientas necesarias para el desarrollo de nuestras actividades. En nuestro pequeño negocio llevamos 3 años trabajando con Zoho Mail de manera efectiva y segura. También podemos decir que hemos experimentado el crecimiento sostenido de sus productos. Esperamos seguir avanzando, y en el futuro, poder hacernos de los servicios de Zoho de manara integral. Felicidades!

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Thank you, Julio. 🙂

  15. Julio

    Nuestro sincero agradecimiento al equipo de Zoho por proveernos de las herramientas necesarias que ayudan a llevar de manera confiable nuestras actividades. Tenemos ya 3 años trabajando con ustedes (zoho mail) y hemos experimentado el desarrollo efectivo y sostenido de sus productos. Esperamos, en nuestra pequeña empresa, seguir creciendo y poder hacernos de sus servicios de manera integral. Felicidades.

  16. Dr.Sivakumar, CTO, Ariviya Labs

    Zoho solutions really help startups like us. We want to stick with you in this journey and be loyal to all the help you are doing to the startup community with free and professional mail service.

  17. Manuel

    Muchas gracias por sus actualizaciones. eWidget es una poderosa funcionalidad que añade valor a Zoho Mail. Felicidades.

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Thank you, Victor. We’re constantly working on developing integrations that ease your workload.

  18. Shikha Sharma Ghosh

    Brilliant work.

    I used Zoho from the days it was popular for an online doc and excel. Really impressive work and helpful at each stage of my career and work.

  19. MASEL

    One of the best email service and best free email service for startups.
    Only need go one more step and allow paid services for selective emails of the company instead of forcing on all members. For startups like us this is best email and collaborative tools.
    Thanks you

  20. Sam

    Started using Zoho mail 3 years ago. Immediately, I sensed how big and unlimited the vision of Zoho is. Wishing you a greater 2019!

  21. Hernán

    Cuando uno usa Zoho e-mial por el IPhone en la configuración de la firma , no se puede colocar logos (imagen), se puede hacer o sincronizar con la firma configurada en la lantop ?

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Hi Hernan,

      You can use the Use desktop signature option in your Zoho Mail app account settings. This way, the default signature you have set in the webmail will be used for your app too.

  22. Frank

    good job!

  23. Mohamed Ismail

    As a startup company/partnership, we greatly appreciate your free email hosting service. With limited access to capital, your service is helping us lower our overhead costs. May Zoho have more success in the years to come. – Thanks again from RFT.

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      We’re glad to play a part in running your business efficiently. 🙂

  24. TeroRERO

    Muchas gracias por el excelente servicio que brindan. En 2018 sus servicios fueron de lo mejor, una gran compañía detrás de uno de los mejores servicios.

    Sigan adelante amigos..!!!

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Thanks a ton! 🙂

  25. CRC

    Thanks for the hard work that you as a team have put into it!

  26. Dmitry

    “You can take a look at our exhaustive list of all the updates in Zoho Mail on our What’s New page.”

    WhatsNew ends on NOV 2018 and no RSS feeding

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      You can now view the update for December on the What’s New page.

  27. mike acquisto

    This is how software is supposed to be. Constantly getting better with more integrations all the time. Always simplifying things and adding complexity where necessary. I look forward to the day when Zoho one is all together in one piece of software instead of tons of apps.

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Thank you, Mike. Feedbacks like these keep us motivated. 🙂


    In 2018, you have developed really good applications. I am sure that you will be successful in 2019
    I wish you successful.

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Thank you for the wishes. We’ll do our best to meet your expectations. 🙂

  29. Boniface

    There is no attachment missing warning, when I forgot to attach an file, but mentioned about the attachment in the email.

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Please write to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com with details about this particular instance. It would greatly help us to optimize this feature to suit wider cases.

  30. sheraz

    brilliant work

  31. Jim

    What did you use to make those slide with the slider?

    • Aninston

      Thats a nice little play thing!

  32. Hoang Huynh Nhat

    The Best System I have used!

  33. Gerry

    Keep up the good work, even though I am not a business user I still feel valued by the Zoho team.

    • Nikkitha Senthil

      Thank you for the kind words, Gerard. 🙂

  34. Indra