Automation is the goal of almost all efficiency improvements. If you’re someone who’s hunting for ways to get work done efficiently, you’re on the right track.

Integrations command a huge portion of automation efforts. Accordingly, Zoho provides a suite of tightly integrated applications that makes running your business simple. For instance, the Zoho CRM integration adds to Zoho Mail’s multiple features, making communication with business leads simpler. 

Bridging gaps to make your workflow seamless and productive is what Zoho has always been after. Despite this, you might want to use applications outside the Zoho suite.

To make this experience painless and efficient, Zoho Mail proudly announces its integration with 750+ applications via Zapier, a third-party integration platform that automates tedious tasks. All you have to do is set up a trigger and an action, and let Zapier do the rest.

Configuring Your Zap with Zoho Mail

Once you sign up for Zapier, select Zoho Mail from the list of integrated applications. Choose an existing Zap or make a Zap of your own to facilitate workflow with zero work.

Stay Informed of Your Social Media Status

Staying on top of your social media game is vital. Let Zoho Mail alert you on every mention your company receives across all your social networking platforms. Link your Twitter and Zoho Mail accounts via Zapier, and notify relevant members with a pre-defined customized message. Smooth as a knife through butter.

Simplified Note Taking with Zapier

Control your to-do list with the Zoho Mail – Evernote integration. It’s easy to miss tagged emails before you have a chance to follow up. A little reminder somewhere other than just your mailbox might help. When you tag an email within 48 hours of receipt, Zoho Mail triggers Zapier to export the email content to Evernote.

After all, it never hurts to be a little extra careful.

Project Management with Ease

Keeping yourself updated with each project’s progress can be a challenge. A project management tool that’s isolated from the rest of your apps needs to be regularly checked and rechecked. With the Zapier integration, conquer these chores in a breeze.

From the moment you create a task to the moment it’s wrapped up, sync your actions between applications, create tasks and notes from relevant emails and get notified of all project activities in your mailbox by integrating with Asana, Trello, Todoist, Zoho Projects, or Slack.

The possibilities are endless. Join the 1.5 million people already on Zapier making happier integrations with Zoho Mail.

Check out our instructions for getting started with Zapier.

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  1. Christina Hunter

    Is Zoho mail and CRM integrated with Zoho Desk and Connect?

  2. guy

    Can this be used to extend mail filters to act on email message body text?

  3. guy

    Will Xmpp Texting be coming to zoho soon?

  4. Salah

    i think Zoho mail is great, but i hope you support Arabic language

  5. dfsd


  6. prasad koneti

    can we sync zoho contacts with icloud

  7. Toby Zandier

    how to sync zoho calendar with Outlook calendar?

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hello Toby,
      Follow the instructions provided on this help page to sync your Outlook calendar. Hope this helps.
      Thanks for using Zoho Mail!

  8. Hanan Caspi

    All this looks great , I am still for the simple matter of being able to synchronize between the Zoho calendar to the Goggle calendar .
    Next step would be to synch it to the outlook calendar .
    As far as I could find – neither of this is possible yet .
    pls advise

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hi Hanan,
      We provide options to sync your Zoho Calendar with both Google and Outlook Calendars. However, the Google Calendar sync option is available for subscribers of the Standard and Premium plans only.
      Follow the instructions provided on this help page to sync your Calendars.
      Thank you.

  9. deepak sridhar

    how to sync with outlook

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hi Deepak,
      Check our help pages on Outlook POP configuration here and Outlook IMAP configuration here.
      Contact for further queries. Hope this helps!

  10. Igor Holt

    This is amazing! Love Zoho and the free hosting, email and CRM services. Way to go you guys!

  11. Amar

    This is awesome, I’m using IFTTT right now, might move to Zapier (maybe both?) in the near future. Zo + Zapier would be very useful productivity wise…

  12. John Wilkenson

    Why not IFTTT?

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hello John,
      IFTTT is a great idea and we’ll consider it in future. We went ahead with Zapier first, as we wanted to prioritize business use cases. With multistep zaps and 750+ business applications, we are sure that you’ll find Zapier a better fit. Do give a try and let us know what you think!
      Thanks for using Zoho Mail!

  13. Michael Cochrane

    How do I set up a zoho email address with outlook?

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hello Michael,
      Read through the instructions for Outlook POP configuration here and Outlook IMAP configuration here.
      Contact for further queries. Hope this helps!
      Thanks for using Zoho Mail.