Sending an email isn’t as trivial as it may seem. In fact, there’s a lot of strategy involved not only in getting your recipients to notice your email, but also to open it and eventually read it. If your email fails the first step and doesn’t get noticed, it’s all in vain. That’s why timing your emails to reach recipients at their peak reading time is vital.

But in today’s globally connected world, it’s almost impossible to wait for the right time to send each and every email, across every time zone. You either end up sending it at your convenience, resulting in emails failing to get noticed at your recipients’ convenient time, or you postpone sending them till later and, end up forgetting altogether. It’s a tricky balance. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send your emails now but they reach your recipients at their peak time zone? With the email scheduling feature update in Zoho Mail, you can do exactly that.

Locate the Schedule/Recurring clock icon in the top right corner of the compose window and simply draft and trigger it to schedule the email for the time you feel would be best to reach your recipients. The scheduled mails are saved in your outbox and will get sent at the chosen time.

Got reminded of your best friend’s anniversary that’s coming up in 2 days? There’s a high possibility that it skips your mind and you forget to call. Why not schedule it in advance to send your best wishes on the big day. Even if escapes your mind, your wishes will make to the target Inbox, right on time and win some heart. 

It’s not over yet! Isn’t it a tad too tiring to request those weekly reports repeatedly? Of course it is. Again, leave it to us. When you compose the email, choose the recurrence frequency. You can also adopt to customise the period of recurrence based on your preference.

Check out the detailed instructions on Scheduling and Recurring emails

So what now? The email is sent, your recipient views it. But have they replied, are you following up and keeping the exchanges lively?

Follow-up woes!

We’ve all had crazy days with non-stop meetings and calls which makes us to forget following up on important email threads at the most crucial times. For example, imagine you found an offer for a weekend trip and you email to your friends. Time passes, no one responds, you forget about it and so the offer expires. 

With Zoho Mail, you can now set up a reminder for the email, the moment you compose it so you can get reminded whenever someone replies or on a specific date/time. The reminders can be added for both the emails you receive and send.

Remind Me GIF

Know more on how to use the Remind Me feature.

There’s never a bad email. Just the wrong timing. Start scheduling now for the rightly timed emails.

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  1. Hassan Naitali

    Great feature, i love it
    Thank you Zoho, thank you pavithra.
    But i can’t find this feature on zoho mail android app.

  2. Neur0ns

    i cant find the clock icon – can you please help? thanks

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Please write an email to, explaining your issue in detail. Thanks!

  3. Ryan

    Good job!

  4. marsha

    Can you make this printer friendly?

  5. Rubia Soares

    Very cool feature!

  6. Ashish Mohan

    Please add option to delete a particular email on a particular schedule. As per my knowledge, no email provider give that kind of option.

  7. Kathleen Spangler

    How can I check my passwords as I am being locked out of mail in Yahoo
    I use Zoho to manage these e-mails. Please see what you can do
    Spangler Select Real Estate

  8. Riesh

    Hey, I cant see my BCC list in sent mail.

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hello Riesh,
      Kindly write a detailed email explaining your query to Thank You.

  9. Baba Mok


  10. N Shoemaker

    Wow! Very helpful and cool feature! Thanks, Zoho!

  11. Vivek Dusane

    Great feature,
    This is pretty cool. Thanks zoho.

  12. Lucy Beck

    Disappointed to not see this available for EU DC users – when can we except to see it in EU DC please ?

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hello Lucy,
      This feature is available for the EU DC users. Kindly contact for further queries. Thanks for using Zoho Mail.

  13. Chris Martin

    Sounds great, been wishing for this for ages.

  14. Matt Orley

    The right kind of features, built right in… I love my zoho mail and zoho invoice tools!!

  15. Susan

    Some great features, looking forward to trying them. question please will this work from within your crm so you can send information and emails around the clock?

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hi Susan,
      These features can be accessed only from within your mailbox as of now. It will be possible after the future updates. Thanks for using Zoho Mail.

      • Susan

        Thanks Pavithra

        That would be ideal. Really happy with Zoho and looking forward to using more features as my start up grows
        Thanks again

  16. Tomas Salazar

    This is pretty cool. Thanks zoho.

    This and more is why i moved from gmail to zoho.

  17. Renea Davis-Leathers

    Sounds like an interesting feature but users beware. Be careful not to setup an email with any words in it that Zoho might think are too spammy. They will block your email account with no notice. Oh, and they wont tell you what words they qualify as “spammy” either.

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hi Renea,
      We are sorry to hear about your experience. If you’re still facing any issues, kindly contact our support team. Thanks for using Zoho Mail!

    • Pablo

      My account was blocked as well. I don’t know it was spammy or not. But true is that ZOHO blocked it without notice!. If you based on the emails at work it is just a disaster. Their support helps in one day, maybe in 2 days. And you are offline… I do not recommend

  18. Juan Ignacio Vidal Bruni

    Great feature