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Maximize the value of each-and-every interaction your team has with your customers, and add the easy ability to provide on-demand customer support through live chat.

Link Zoho LiveDesk with Zoho CRM, the award-winning solution thousands of small businesses trust to manage and organize the lifeblood of their business—their customer data. Because both applications were engineered by Zoho—the leading provider of business, productivity and collaboration applications for small businesses—to specifically meet the needs of small and growing teams, you are outfitted with the power and tools you need to improve all your customer interactions and customer support.

By easily adding LiveDesk into your existing CRM, you extend your ability to connect with customers, and give your team the tools to support customers instantly, while keeping all interactions organized

Together with Zoho CRM, LiveDesk is the easiest way for your team to connect, support and delight customers. Support more customers in less time and build deeper, personal connections through high quality interactions. With instant access to your comprehensive customer database and easy-to-use live support software working together, it is all possible.

Getting started

Before you can unlock the customer supporting power within your existing customer database, you need to link your LiveDesk and CRM together.

If you don’t yet have a LiveDesk account, you can learn how to create a new LiveDesk here.

If you already have a LiveDesk, but don’t yet have a Zoho CRM account, read more about how Zoho CRM can better organize all your customer interactions and streamline your sales process, and discover how to setup a new Zoho CRM account.

To unlock the power of Zoho LiveDesk integrated with Zoho CRM, you will need to be a customer of a paid plan of LiveDesk (either Enterprise, Professional or Basic). If you are using the free plan of LiveDesk, you can easily upgrade an existing LiveDesk account to one of the paid plans to implement Zoho CRM integration. Or if you don’t yet have a LiveDesk plan, you can take a free, 30-day-test-drive of any of the paid plans.

If you already have both an active Zoho CRM account and an active LiveDesk account in either the Professional or Enterprise Edition, you can go ahead and follow the instructions below to link up your LiveDesk to your CRM account.  

Connecting your LiveDesk account to a Zoho CRM account

To bring the power of on-demand customer support together with your organized customer database in Zoho CRM, you will first need to link your live support chat system to your existing Zoho CRM account.

Linking LiveDesk to Zoho CRM as a CRM admin

The absolute easiest way to link the two applications is to have the current CRM administrator for the CRM account you wish to connect to LiveDesk, configure the integration inside of LiveDesk. This also requires the CRM administrator to have a LiveDesk account as part of your existing Enterprise or Professional plan.

If you want to add a CRM administrator to your LiveDesk, so they can easily link your live chat program into Zoho CRM, you can read the steps for adding an existing Zoho user to your LiveDesk.

If the CRM administrator already has access to the LiveDesk account you intend to connect, then you can now follow the steps below to activate the integration.

How to link a CRM account to a LiveDesk account, as the administrator of the CRM account:

  1. Login to LiveDesk.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. In the Integration section click the “Enable CRM Integration” button. This will create an automatically generated ZSC key for your CRM account and use this unique key to link your LiveDesk to your CRM account.

This will automatically link up the LiveDesk account to the Zoho CRM account for which you are the CRM administrator.  You will now see the Zoho CRM administrator as “Me” and the Zoho CRM ZSC Key will be displayed below.

Now that you have correctly paired your CRM account to your LiveDesk you can now continue to configure the other aspects of your integration.

Pairing accounts without being the CRM admin 

Not the administrator of the CRM account you want to sync your LiveDesk with, no worries, all you need is the administrator’s e-mail address, and the account’s specific CRM ZSC key.

The first step is you will need the administrator of the CRM account you wish to pair with your LiveDesk to generate (or provide you an existing) ZSC key along with their e-mail address.

You can share the below instructions on how to generate a ZSC key with your CRM administrator.

How to generate a ZSC key:

  1. In the desired Zoho CRM account, click Setup above the navigation bar at the top-right of the screen.
  2. In the Developer Space section, click Zoho Service Communication (ZSC) Key.
  3. In the ZSC Key section, click the green Generate Now button.
  4. You will then see the ZSC information, including the administrator’s e-mail address and the unique ZSC key. You will need to provide both pieces of information to have yourself, or someone else, link up this CRM account to a LiveDesk account.

If the administrator had already generated a ZSC key in the past, they can find the existing key by following the same navigation:

  1. In the desired Zoho CRM account, click Setup.
  2. In the Developer Space section, click Zoho Service Communication (ZSC) Key.
  3. In the ZSC Key section, you will then see the ZSC information, including the administrator’s e-mail address and the unique ZSC key. Whoever will be linking up the CRM account in LiveDesk will need both pieces of information.

Once you receive this provided information from your CRM account admin, you can now go forward and link up your LiveDesk account, without having to add access for your CRM admin. Because the LiveDesk system default is to auto-generate a pairing for the LiveDesk admin that clicks the “Enable CRM Integration” button, you might get an incorrect-pairing (if you happen to be an administrator of another Zoho CRM account) or if you are not an admin of any CRM accounts the auto-generate will display an error.  Either way, if you are not the admin of the CRM account you wish to link to your LiveDesk, please follow the instructions below to edit.

Changing system generated pairings or pairing accounts as a non-CRM admin

If you are not a Zoho CRM administrator or don’t have access through your account to any Zoho CRM account, and you did click the “Enable CRM Integration” button in LiveDesk you will see a message informing you that:

“LiveDesk could not recognize your e-mail address as Zoho CRM administrator. Please contact your Zoho CRM administrator to get the details to complete the integration setup. Don't have a Zoho CRM account, sign-up now.”

You will also see the two boxes below where you can enter the administrator of the desired CRM account you wish to link to your LiveDesk, and the box to enter the ZSC key for the account.

If you have the information provided to you from your CRM admin:

  1. Enter the correct information into each of the boxes, both the CRM admin’s e-mail and the provided ZSC key.
  2. Click Enable to link your LiveDesk to the CRM account you entered the information for.

If you are not the administrator of the CRM account you wanted to link up, but you happen to be an admin of another CRM account, and you did click the “Enable CRM Integration” button, the system still created an auto-generated ZSC key. This reflects another Zoho CRM account you have associated with your account that you are an administrator of. Please take time to check the system-generated configurations and make changes to ensure you have paired your LiveDesk system with the correct CRM data.

To change the CRM account your LiveDesk is linked to (as a non-CRM admin):

  1. Click Settings.
  2. In the Integration section, under the Zoho CRM administrator sub-section, click Change.
  3. In the CRM Administrator box that pops-out, edit the Zoho CRM Admin Email Address field to add the e-mail address of the admin of the Zoho CRM account you wish to associate. Also add the ZSC key for the account as provided to you by that CRM admin.
  4. Click Save to make the changes.

To change the CRM account your LiveDesk is linked to (as the admin of the desired CRM account):

  1. Click Settings.
  2. In the Integration section, under the Zoho CRM administrator sub-section, click Change.
  3. In the CRM Administrator box that pops-out, edit the Zoho CRM Admin Email Address field to add your e-mail address.
  4. Paste in the ZSC key that you just copied from the CRM account.
  5. Click Save to make the changes.

Regardless of whether you are a CRM admin or not, if you are editing or changing the existing integration of the account your LiveDesk integrates with, you will see this message:

“Alert : You are trying to integrate with another Zoho CRM account, which would remove all existing association with LiveDesk records.

Yes, I'm aware. Continue to integrate my new Zoho CRM account with LiveDesk. Continue or Cancel

If you want to change the CRM account your LiveDesk is linked to, and remove all the existing data and associations, but associate to the desired CRM account based on the information you manually entered, click Continue.

If you don’t, and reached this error by accident, click Cancel and keep your existing integration.

After you click Continue, you will then see a green dialogue at the top of the page informing you that your integration has been successful. You should also see the CRM administrator as “Me”—if you are the admin, or if you are not you should see the e-mail address you entered. 

Disabling CRM integration

If needed, you can disable your LiveDesk’s integration with a CRM account at any time.

To disable integration with CRM:

  1. In LiveDesk, click Settings.
  2. In the Integration section, click the Disable button on the top right.

You can easily re-enable the integration with the same settings, by:

  1. In LiveDesk, click Settings.
  2. In the Integration section, click the Enable button on the top right.

CRM integration Configurations

Now that you have linked your LiveDesk to your Zoho CRM account, you need to configure the integration to fit your team’s specific needs. Read below to explore the options of how you can configure the integration.

Add as Leads or Contacts

The first configuration you can make is whether you want to add these visitors as Leads or Contacts, if you choose to automatically add new visitors to your CRM.

To configure where you will add new visitors in your CRM:

  1. In LiveDesk, click Settings.
  2. In the Integration section, inside the CRM configuration sub-section, click the button to select either Lead or Contact.

This configuration will apply to all visitors added automatically, so be aware of what visitors you configure in the next option to add so you can choose the best option.

Which visitors to add

The integration also lets you configure which segment of new visitors you would like to automatically add to your CRM.  Your choices—Only Missed, Only Attended, All New Visitors, or None—determine for which visitors LiveDesk automatically pushes to your CRM.

If you select None, or for those visitors not included into the segment you choose, you will still have the ability to push manually to your CRM.

Automatically add a follow-up task

The third option you can configure in the CRM configurations, is whether or not you push a follow-up task to the customers your LiveDesk automatically adds to your CRM—and when that task is due. You can setup the system to create a follow-up task in CRM for today, tomorrow, the 7th day, or 14th day, to ensure your customer-centric culture extends beyond the initial live support encounter, and your entire team can check in with customers and see how things are working out. 

Attach the chat transcript automatically

The last of the CRM configurations, allows you to determine if you want LiveDesk to automatically send a transcript of every completed chat to CRM at the completion of a chat. To toggle between on and off, simply click the button displaying either the Check Mark—On, or the red X—off. When configured to send the transcript, an attachment including the complete text of a chat and the visitor’s information from LiveDesk will be automatically added to either a contact or lead in your CRM. With easy access to the details of a support interaction, other members of your team can learn more about what makes a customer tick, and better anticipate their needs and questions in the future.

LiveDesk configurations

You have the option to configure what happens when missed visitors from LiveDesk are pushed into CRM so they can be tracked, or followed-up on as a part of your existing customer engagement system.

If missed visitors are pushed across as a new lead, or contact, into your CRM automatically, you can choose whether you want their status inside LiveDesk to be displayed as “Tracked in CRM,” or see them as “Missed” visitors.


Using the integrated information

When you know how to use the instantly available information, you get the most value from your integrating live chat support with your existing customer database.

Visitor Information 

Whenever a customer (or visitor) initiates a chat with you through your LiveDesk, that visitors’ information they provided to initiate the chat, is automatically screened through your CRM database. If a customer matches one already in your database, the information from the CRM is automatically displayed just below the standard LiveDesk visitor information—on the column just to the right of the live chat window.

With instant access to important customer information direct from your CRM, you have save time, avoid asking unnecessary questions and deliver higher-quality, personally-tailored support to each-and-every customer. 

If you want a detailed picture, beyond the quick-view of your customer’s information (both for Contacts and Leads), you have one-click direct access to the complete details inside your CRM.

To view a customer’s complete details inside your CRM:

  1. Click the expand information icon. 
  2. The complete view of your customer’s details inside Zoho CRM will open in a new browser tab.

If you have configured your LiveDesk to automatically push across a certain segment of new visitors—those who weren’t found as an existing contact or lead in your CRM—you will also see the information displayed—because the system automatically adds these new visitors to the system at the beginning of the chat session and you will see the new information already reflected on the right-hand visitor information column.

Lead Information

When you are chatting with a customer, or visitor, who is a Lead in your CRM, you will be able to see in the quick-view their company, phone number, and lead status.

If you want a more detailed picture of your lead, you can click the expanded view icon to open the lead’s complete details inside CRM in a new browser tab.

Converting a lead to a potential

You also have the ability to convert the lead to a potential. You can display the new potential fields, by clicking the box Create New Potential. Here, from the same window you are chatting with a lead, you can enter the new potentials name, the stage the new potential is in, how much this potential deal represents and when you target to close. 

Once you enter this information click the Covert Lead button to convert the Lead to a potential inside your CRM, which your team can now follow-up with later. 

Contact Information

For a Contact you will get a quick view of the account name—the account (Company) which they belong to, their phone number, and who owns this contact—who typically works with them. As an existing customer with an established relationship with your company, these details can help you provide better support. To learn more about the contact, click the expanded view icon and in a separate tab you’ll see everything you know about a customer—expanding your arsenal so you can better meet their needs.

You can view the account details, by clicking the account name, which is underlined and a direct link to the complete account details inside your CRM, which will open a new tab. This allows you to quickly learn more about the company, and their interactions with your team.

Manually adding data to your CRM from LiveDesk

When you are chatting with a visitor who hasn’t been automatically added to your CRM based upon your configurations, or doesn’t already exist inside your CRM database, you will have the ability to manually push these visitors to your CRM as either Leads or Contacts.

From the same window you chat with these customers, just below the LiveDesk visitor information on the right hand column, you will see a button “Push To CRM” which allows you to manually add the person you are chatting with as a new Lead or Contact inside your CRM.

Adding as a new lead

When chatting with a prospective customer, perhaps a customer who has questions about a trial, you can quickly add the customer as a new lead, from the same window you are chatting with them from.

After you click the “Push to CRM” button, you will see the add Lead/Contact box.

This will default to bringing up the information for adding a new Lead, but you can click either Lead or Contact, to switch between the two add boxes.

When adding a new lead from LiveDesk manually, it is mandatory that you enter the visitor’s company name. Here you can also add phone number, lead status and assign an owner.

After a great chat with a prospective customer, and handling their questions, you can check whether or not you want to create a follow-up task for today as well, and then click the Add Lead button, to create the new Lead.

Adding as a new contact

If after chatting a while with a customer, you realize this is a contact from an existing or new account, who hasn’t been added into your CRM for some reason, you can easily add them as a new contact while you answer their questions.

To add a new contact, click the Push to CRM button on the right column of the chat window, then click Contact to display the options for adding a new contact. Here you can enter the Account name to add the contact to—either an existing account, or even add a contact along with a new account—and the phone number for the contact. You can also assign the new contact an owner from the drop-down list. Lastly create a follow-up task for today, so the new owner can further connect with the new contact, or even create a new potential.

Like we covered earlier, checking Create New Potential, will bring up the same boxes as before—Potential Name, Potential stage, Amount, and Close Date.

Once you have the information for the new contact entered, click the Add Contact button, to push the new contact directly to your CRM.

Viewing the data from LiveDesk in CRM

With LiveDesk adding valuable new information into your existing Customer database you are continually outfitting your team with more information to better serve and support your customers, and the tools to build lasting, valuable relationships.

Viewing chat transcripts as attachments inside your CRM

If you do configure your LiveDesk to push completed chats as transcripts into CRM, you will be able to view all your chats with Leads and Contacts inside of your CRM. When you view a Lead or Contact, scroll down to the attachments section and you will see each chat you had with that person, listed with the chat subject as the file name, in PDF form. Click these transcripts, and choose either Open or Download, to either view or download the transcripts for review.

Lead Source as chat

See how many leads you are adding through your LiveDesk, and view and search by lead source—in this case you will see chat as the source.

Notes (auto-added) and manually added

Each time you chat with a Lead or Contact, LiveDesk will automatically add a note for this chat—including who they had the chat with, their visit ID, when the chat was, and the question they asked as the initial subject. A note will also be automatically added for customers whose attempts to initiate chats with your LiveDesk are missed. 

You can also manually add notes directly from the notes section in LiveDesk, which when on a Lead or Contact, will push these notes directly to CRM so the rest of your team can learn more about your Customers and visitors. 

Follow-up tasks

When your LiveDesk creates a follow-up task, either automatically, or manually, you can see these tasks yet to be completed in the Open Activities section in each Lead or Contact’s detail page inside CRM. Here you will see the tasks subject “LiveDesk chat session follow-up” followed by the subject of the chat, the activity type—tasks, the status and the due date. You can also view who owns this task.