Zoho Lens - API Pagination


Zoho Lens provides APIs to retrieve lists of reports and other resources. The resources will be paginated using index and count.By default, index will be 1 and count will be 20. The pagination information will be included in the listed API response under the node name page.


By default first page will be listed. For navigating through pages, use the next parameter in page node.

The count parameter can be used to set the number of records that you want to receive in response.

 $ curl -X GET 'https://lens.zoho.com/api/v2/reports?index=1&count=25' \
    -H Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.45928a488f1e453626a93e9816.384eb5e2d96c928a4fcff88f1e452be9

     "representation": [
     "page": {
         "next": "next_page_url",
         "first": "first_page_url",
         "last": "last_page_url"
     "total_count": 150,
     "resource_type": "module"